As you lay  

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3/16/2006 5:22 am

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As you lay

As you lay sleeping
Your smile randomly appears
Wondering what visions
Dance about in your dreams.
Is it you and I
Longingly embraced
Bodies combining
Climactic race?
For this is the vision
That swirls about
Warding off slumber,
You, I cannot do without.

As you lay sleeping
Now is the time
To take you as mine.
Under the covers
I do descend.
Engulfing you
The throbbing begins.
Worshiping the early riser
Savouring every drop
You ooze your fire
Feeding my lust.

As you lay sleeping,
Vulnerable and weak,
This is the moment
Your surrender I shall seek.
Climbing on top, taking you in,
Hands not for your use,
Above they are bound.
My pleasure is what I seek,
Not leaving you behind.
Staring into your eyes,
Making love to your lips.
Crescendo like no other.
Screaming, the animal within.

As you lay sleeping,
My mind wonders
To what shall be
Perfection, heat, fire.
Of this, entranced

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