Thoughts and contemplations  

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2/27/2006 10:33 am

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Thoughts and contemplations

Oh, this weekend was heavenly with hubby. I got some much need rough handling. We had to change the sheets twice. But the kids were home so we had to keep it down to a quiet roar. Do you know how hard it is to be quiet while squirting and spasming from hyper intense orgasms. My god, it sucks monkey balls. Of course, we have another whole month of quiet sex until my ex is back from a Military manuever and able to take the kids on the weekends again. SOB! I need a serious weekend of nothing but kinky sex with my husband and I have to wait till April. WAHH!Ok, I'm over it. I'll deal and move on. LOL. Hey, I just thought, a gag for me...mmmmm, evil woman that I am. LOL.

Well, I really do need to get busy working. Time to write some more on "Lost but found" and I think I'm going to put an old story I was working on, on here. It's a nice lesbian piece.LOL. All I have done so far today is read and comment on blogs. Well, at least the ones I had a confident response too. I also need to get busy on my Ebay, it's actually finally showing some good profit. I have thought about trying to craft some nipple clamps and some nipple and clit jewelry, since most of the stuuf I see at the adult book stores really is quite inadequate and guady. Of course, I couldn't list it in my normal Ebay site with my books. LOL. That would definetely have to be a seperate account and listed in Ebay's adult section. Hmmm, I have pondered. Like usual, so many ideas going in so many different directions with only two hands and one body. LOL. I need an evil twin to help me out. Shit, I forgot, I am the evil twin, if I had been twins. LMFAO.Well, I'm off...licks and kisses, and strong knots to the fans. Emerald

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