Lost but found  

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Lost but found

Ok, here is part 1 of the story! Sorry,about the strange way it pasted...tried it a few different ways and this is how it kept coming up. Hubby really wore me out this weekend so after I get the next story into a blog, I'm crashing for the night. Tomorrow, I will work on part 3. I promise! Licks and kisses, and a firm tweak to the fans. Emerald

She found my 29 year old husband at a truck stop. 21 years
old, half starved, and scared. He knew instantly she was
no lot lizard, those ladies of the night who frequented
truck stops across the county. Her young white skin was
barely covered in the heartlands winter temps by a ripped
jean jacket, dingy white t-shirt, and cheap thin black
pants. Tennis shoes unfit for a homeless person covered
her small feet. Her reddish long curls were ratted and gnarled,
oily and grimey with dirt. The only thing that stood out
was an exspensive looking gold choker/coller padlocked
to her dirty slender neck. Robert noticed all this as he
pulled into the fuel island and saw the yooung woman rummaging
through the garbage cans. As he was on the cell phone with
me, Robert told me of the young woman.
Not being rich and with every dime needed I made a snap decision."Pay
for a shower and feed her. Find out her story." Some
sixth sense told me to do this. Robert later informed me
of what had transpired. Something I would have never imagined
in my wildest dreams.
Robert took 15 minutes getting close to the young woman,
like a stray animal. Somehow, he won her hedging trust and
persuaded her to talk to him. He thought she was on the brink
of madness. Scared and alone she agreed finally to let Robert
give her a pair of sweats he owned, a t-shirt and his extra
insulated flannel, plus buy her a much needed shower and
feed her inside the small restaurant adjoining the truck
stop. She was wild eyed but desperate. She accepted with
the understanding that Robert wanted to here her story.
The young woman that emerged from the showers made the black
sweats and t-shirt look like a designer suit as she appeared
cleaned up. Long curly, fire red hair swayed heavily at
her waist. Large pointed nipples pushed out the front of
Rob's t-shirt as porcelain fine white skin showed
on her hands and neck. A slender waist on her petite build
set Rob's blood boiling. The gold collar was still
in place.
Once the girl had devoured the dinner of spaghetti, salad
and garlic bread that Rob bought for her, despite his worried
admonishment for her to slow down, she told her story. It
was short but horriifying. Kelly, as she finally introduced
herself to Rob had met a very twisted wealthy man. Wanting
away from her radically christian parents, Kelly agreed
to become his sex slave. She had been involved with a Mistress
of high reguard soon after she turned 18 but had left her
service with high standing when Kelly's parents became
aware of her "perversion" , as they called
it. Enduring three months of severe torture unlike anything
any true Mistress or Master would condone, Kelly found
a way to escape and ran clad in only a shift to the nearest
city. Since that time, only three days previous she had
begged money for the clothes she was wearing and hitched
across three states to that truck stop. Before Rob had met
her she was coming to the end of her mental rope.
Slowly, she thawed out with Rob and listened as Rob talked
about our life together. While they waited for dessert
Kelly said, "You have been so kind to me, I really
hate to ask, but can I ride with you as far as your going?"
Blushing as she said this Rob knew it took her a lot of courage
to ask that question. Rob replied, "Kelly, honey,
I'm going home, which is about another 8 hours away."
Tears welled up in her eyes so Rob quickly said, "Let
me call Em." I told him after he told me what had tranpired
up to that point, he should just bring her home.
Heading out to the truck, Rob told Kelly, "You have
been through serious trauma recently, I want you to know
you are free to leave at anytime. My wife, Em, wants you to
stay with us though until you feel ready to go." Kelly
shyly nodded her head and followed Rob's long strides
quickly to the truck.
"I've got about 2 more hours to drive before I
stop for the night." Rob said, "Then we'll
have to figure out sleeping arrangements."Kelly
replied without hestitaion, "I don't mind
sleeping with you." Rob's face reddened as he
stammered, " Uh, Kelly, I don't expect you to
give me sexual favors for helping you."Kelly slid
out of her seat belt and onto the floor of the cab, while Rob's
mind raced. Sliding next his seat, she rubbed the front
of Rob's pants with her hands, " But I want to
pay you back. You've been so nice.I am a slave. I need
a Master or a Mistress to punish me and reward me. I promise
I'll be very good and I like a lot of sex with men and women."
Rob groaned as his week long sexual tension flared to life.
We had played some role playing. Dominant and submissive
had been one of the experiments. We enjoyed both roles intensely.
Up to this point Rob had been with only me sexually during
our 10 year relationship. But as that young half starved
woman slowly unzipped his jeans he thought only of the throbbing
in his rock hard cock. Kelly's slender fingers wrapped
around it and brought it from it's tight confines.
She looked up at Rob with a begging expression as she licked
her lips. "Please, let me service your cock with my
mouth, Sir." What little restraint Rob had left at
that point went out the window as his dick jerked sharply,
pre-cum drooling from it's slick opening. He growled
at Kelly, "Suck it good baby, if you want more."
Quickly she lowered her head and smacked her eager lips
with his tool, jacking it slowly as she did. Rob's moans
met the gentle slap of his rod slapping her lips as he worked
hard to keep the truck on the road. Pulling off on a ramp,
he let out the air brakes and let Kelly earn her keep on his
Her wet mouth inhaled his thick dick and caressed it with
her tongue. Her moaning set a vibration in Rob's balls
that threaten to put him over too soon. Grabbing her thick
hair, gently but forcibly, Rob pushed her head down firmly,
ramming his dick into the back of her eager throat. But Kelly's
moans increased as Rob forced her to deep throat him. Knowing
he wouldn't last long, he used her hair as leverage
and began thrusting his hips upwards as he shoved her head
down. As he fucked her delicate little mouth roughly with
his dick, her throat spasmed and massaged him like a pussy.
Too soon, he knew he was going to cum.
"Make sure you don't spill a drop, girl, cuz I'm
about to shoot in your pretty little mouth."He told
her. Kelly moaned deeply as she heard this. Arching his
ass completely off the seat and jamming Kelly's mouth
firmly to the root of his giant, he began to spew deep into
her throat, groaning and grunting like an animal as his
seed shot out of his cock. When his world came back into focus
Kelly, was licking his cock, cleaning all traces of his
fluid expertly with her hot little tongue. Rob pulled her
up to him and latched his lips firmly onto hers as he embraced
her tightly. Shoving his tongue deep into Kelly's
mouth he tasted the sweetness there. After mintues of leading
the dance their tongues preformed, Rob, nipped her lower
lip carefully between his teeth. Letting go he said. "If
your still sure about this, I want you to keep me entertained
while I drive."
"What do you want me to do?" She submissively
" Take all your clothes off but lightly wrap a blanket
from the bunk around the back of your body."
The little nympho was quick to comply. Rob noticed as she
undressed with speed, the great bloody welts across her
back, ass, and legs.
"Jesus, fucking Christ, those are still oozing blood,
Kelly. That Bastard should have known better than to break
skin like that. Did you have a safe word?"
The tears started in Kelly's down Kelly's face, "We
were s'posed to but once he had me in his house, he didn't
listen to it. He just got this insane look in his eyes and
kept going, while I screamed the word over and over."
Rob pulled her trembling body into his arms, feeling like
a creep for taking advantage of her. When he told her this
she cried, " No, Rob, Sir, I like the slave life. It
makes me feel free in some strange way. And my first Mistress
made me feel safe. Secure in myself and her. She didn't
scare me like he did. I never got the feeling with her that
I did with him. "
Rob asked quietly, "And what was that feeling, Kelly?"
"That he wouldn't stop someday soon, that he
would beat me and torture me, maybe even impail me or something,
until I was dead. And then, " She paused and stammered, "Thhhhen,
he would ccccum on my bloody lifeless body." Feeling the
bile rise in his throat and the rage rise in his
being, Rob held her gently as she cried. He said softly,
" You will be safe with Em and I. He will never get you
again. And if Em agrees and that's what you really want,
is to be our slave, then you will be. Though , we have never
had a sex slave before."
Kelly respond through diminishing tears, " It's
not hard just don't make me bleed and keep me safe. Punish
me when I am naughty and reward me when I am good. "
Rob laughed, "Girl, you make it sound so easy. But
alot of this still depends on Em and I'm not exactly
sure how she's going to take another person in our life,
though she is not adverse to being with a woman."
She perked up and all the tears stopped. "She's
Rob nodded, "Yes, from her college days. But you'll
meet Em soon and right now I want to see the rest of your wounds.
" Rob checked over Kelly's wounds and realized the majority
of the whip cuts would have to wait to be treated once he reached
home. She had many bruises everywhere on her too slim body
and many more bloody welts covering the front of her body
as well. A beautiful pair of breasts with hard tight nipples
rested on a very prominent boney rib cage. Her stomache
was flat as could be. Rob assumed the asshole hadn't
been feeding her well either. Bones stood out sharply where
very attractive hips should have been. Her legs were nothing
but sticks, as were her arms. But the pussy was beauitful
and sad at the same time. It was nestled between those bruised
stick legs. When Rob gently nudged her legs apart with his
hands, he discovered a plump ripe set of lips, underneath
the stubble, on what had once been, a clean shaven pussy.
But those poor little lips were also covered with deep welts.
Welts were one thing but these were deep scaring marks.
He hoped Em had something to help save her beauiful lips
from permanant disfigurement, not to mention the rest
of this beautiful younf body. Rob asked her if her pussy
hurt. Kelly shook her head and said, " Not anymore,
those are old." To prove this Kelly, placed her hands
between her legs and spread the lips back for Rob to see her
soft moist pink center. Pushing one finger in all the way,
she sighed and begun to rock back and forth.
Rob got the truck underway after he instructed Kelly in
what she was to do to keep him occupied. It was, actually
very simple, she was to make make herself cum, with her legs
spread as wide as she could comfortably in the passenger
seat facing him. Kelly was a good girl and willingly accomplished
her job. Starting with one finger than, inserting another,
and another. Rob got the distinct feeling if she had a better
angle and the agile ability she would gladly insert her
hand. As it was she pulled on those hard nipples roughly,
and banged herself hard with three fingers. Her little
clit poked it's pink little head from between her lips
and recieved hard rubbing from her thumb. Next thing Rob
knew, her pinky disappeared into her asshole and she thoroughly
frigged her holes. Her moans were loud and long, half moans,
half wimpers. Rob watched the juice squirt from her pussy
and hit his leg across the truck as she screamed out her orgasm.
She's a squirter just like Em, Rob thought lustily
to himself, God was this going to be great if Em agreed. After
she had cum, Rob told her to get in the bunk and sleep until
he stopped. Then she was to service his cock again, but first
she was to let Rob lick her fingers. Rolling the taste of
her pussy around his mouth was like the sweetest candy imaginable.
Rob almost couldn't wait for the hour and a half to pass
before he took her.
When Rob pulled over in the rest area his dick was hard and
throbbing. Quickly pulling the curtains, he checked on
his new sleeping slave girl. Lying completely naked with
one leg cocked her, delicate plump pussy was just visible.
Rob, licked his middle finger and gently inserted it in
the dark tunnel. He realized he didn't need to wet his
finger, her cunt was naturally wet. It was very tight as
well. Kelly, sleepily thrust her pussy onto his finger.
"I'm am ready to serve, Master."
Rob removed his finger and flicked her clit. She gasped
and moaned at the shock.
"Undress me, slave girl." Rob demanded.
Quickly she submitted to his command. Gasping as she uncovered
his whole body, " Master, you are beautiful."
Rob pulled her to his lean body and said, "We have
to be careful of your wounds but I'm going to fuck your
ass. Your safe word is Rover. Do you accept, your Master's
commands?"Kelly was already whimpering as undualted
on the bed, "Yes, Master, take me, take my ass. I want
to be punished." Getting into the role Rob shook his
head, " I will not punish you too much until you are
properly healed but I will punish your asshole with my rod.
You will open up for my cock, baby." Decending over
her Rob, held himself above her as he sought those tender
lips again with his mouth. Her kiss was submissive but intense
as she submitted to his tongue. Rubbing her pussy on his
leg, encourage him to ground his leg tightly into her pussy.
She moaned around his tongue as he brought her passion to
dangerous heights. Just from the intense kissing and humping
his legs, Kelly squirted her juice once again on Rob's
leg. He nipped her lips as he ended the kiss, "You
got me wet without permission, girl. That was naughty."
Instantly he latched his teeth around s training nipple.
Her back arched and cries came out of her mouth as Rob chewed
lightly on her nipple.
"Yes, Master, oh God, yes, bite them, of God, it hurts,
God it feels so good." She cried as Rob grabbed her
already bruised wrists gently but firmly to hold her thrashing
body down under him. She was like a bucking bull under him
as he went to work on the other nipple. Chewing, nibbling,
and sucking hard at the tender little nub. Drawing back
he said, " I don't have anything to restrain
you with in here, so you will be a good slave and you will not
buck me off while I fuck you. Understood?"
"Oh yes, please do it, fill my ass with your big cock.
Make me take it."
Normally, Rob would have needed have lub to get his big dick
into my tight ass but Kelly was so naturally wet and completely
relaxed with the punishment, Rob simply thrust into her
pussy first to get his lube. Groaning and whining Kelly
tried to hold his cock with an iron set of pussy muscles.
Rob almost stayed where he was but remember he was supposed
to be in control not her. Jerking his pole out, he positioned
it at the her asshole. Pushing slowly, Rob felt the severe,
velvet tightness resisting him. Kelly, thrashed under
him as he tightly held her legs spread eagle above her. Her
knees pushing against her tits as he pushed his rod slowly
into her ass. But Kelly bucked abruptly and Rob's whole
dick impailed her up to his balls. In the back of his mind
he was seeing some areas were punishment and reward would
come in, but in the front all he could think about was the
intense feeling her tight velvet asshole was causing him
as it swallowed his big cock. Something broke in him at that
moment and a dam of dominance, lust and vulgarity broke
over him.
Holding her more firmly, he pulled his cock back to the head
and thrust savagely into her tight ass, "Is that
what you want you little bitch? You want me to fill your ass
full of my cock?! You want that pretty little ass stretched
out as I ram you hard. Take it, bitch. Going to fuck you hard.
Gonna make that asshole hurt. Gonna have you beggin'
me to hurt it more.Your mine now." He rammed her hard
and fast as she cried out under him. Tear streamed from her
eyes as she cried out, " Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me Master.
Stretch my asshole. Ram it. Harder, oh please, Master,
harder, make it hurt." Rob grunted and growled as
he thrust his cock harder and harder into her tight hole.
Reason, vanished as all he knew was the extreme tightness
gripping his cock, pulling his semen out of him. Slamming
into her, the hardest he possibly could, he unleashed a
gigantic load deep into her bowels. Howling as he felt his
balls completely empty into his little slut slaves asshole.
His body went into spasms as her asshole started spasming
violently around his dick. Her body was thrashing as she
came to a tremendous climax and sprayed them both with pussy
Rob collapsed on top of her and said, "That was excellent,
my little nympho slut slave, but you will now have to clean
my bedding when we get home."Curling up in his arms,
finally exhausted, she murmured, "Yes, Sir, if your
wife let's me stay. I really want to belong to you. I
hope she wants me too." Rob replied sleepily, "
I think after she gets to know you she will but we'll
just have to wait and see...."

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