Lost but found (Part 2)  

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Lost but found (Part 2)

Still not happy with the way these are pasting. I really do know how to edit my work but it insists on showing up like this. GRRRRR. Well, anyway, hope ya enjoy. As I stated before I know some are not going to like this particular genre of erotica but this is the theme running through my head right now. Gotta get it to word now! But those who do enjoy, stick around, things are promising to heat up even more and get even more kinky! Time for this wet author to go to bed, and snuggle up to her favorite dildo. G-night all. Licks and kisses and nibbles to my fans. Emerald

Rob called me the next afternoon when they were once again
on the road. Haltingly, he filled me in on the recent events.
I surprised myself be replying to his candid confessions
with, "I will inspect her when you get home but don't
think for a moment you won't be punished, yourself,
for your infidelity." Rob growled, "Please,
don't get me hard again. I'll never make it home.
" I laughed softly into the phone as I hung it up. His
replay of events had made my pussy burn with desire. I needed
satisfaction in the worst way and I had no one to give it to
me. Heading quickly to my bedroom, I found my old friend,
a huge 8 x 3 inches dildo and laid him on my bed. Pulling my
blouse aside I pulled my tits out of my tight bra so they were
framed tightly on top. Pinching my nipples hard I felt the
heat in my pussy turn to wet molten juice running down my
legs. I didn't need much forplay with Rob's erotic
tales so raised I my long skirt to uncover my clean shaven
pussy. Dipping two fingers in while I continued to torment
my own nipples with constant pinching, pulling and twisting,
I began jacking my fevered cunt. Sensation after sensation
washed over my body as I rode my fingers. I needed more though,
I wanted my pussy full, stretched to the max. Bending over
the bed I maneuvered the hard rubber cock between my parted
legs and readied it at the entrance of my dripping cunt.
With one full shove, I rammed it hard into my tight pussy.
Savoring the sensation of being rode hard and rough, I started
a rythmic, piston like assault on my cunt with the large
tool. Falling on my chest with my free arm wedged under me,
tightly pinching my nipple, my ass in the air, I continued
fucking my drooling pussy with that massive dildo. Soon,
waves of pure pleasure were washing over my body as the self-inflicted
torment threatened to send me into a universe of orgasmic
oblivion. Pussy juice gushed from my pussy as I came with
loud screams. I collapsed across the bed with the rubber
cock jutting obsenely from my cunt.

When I came to about 20 mintues later. My pussy ached nicely
from it's rough treatment, demanding more action,
but I knew I had things to get done before our "house
guest" arrived. Cleaning my cunt meticulously,
I prepared my list of needs in my head. Of course, many things
would be bought down the road, if the little slave worked
out but for know there were a few essentials. Protection
for Rob until we could get her on some sort of birth control
and were certain she was STD free. Rob had been careless
by fucking her ass twice now with no protection but smart
enough to keep from coming in her tight little pussy. I had
informed him in no uncertain terms, that there was to be
no more penial insertion in either of her tight little nether
holes until he got home and I provided him with rubbers.
She could suck his dick the whole way home if he was so inclined
to have her do but no more actual sex. From what I had already
heard of the sex craving little nympho, this would be torture
for both her and Rob. I smiled to myself, thinking, maybe
I will be a good Mistress. But somehow I needed to work it
that I be submissive once in a while. I had ideas but nothing
concrete yet. Taking a last brushing, quickly, to my long
auburn hair I headed out of the house quickly for my little
shopping trip.

I figured if she wanted to stay and I wanted her to stay I would
take her on a serious shopping trip. For now, all she really
needed was one robe, one set of clothes and some tennis shoes
since she would probably be naked the majority of the time
anyway. The more important things were at the Adult bookstore.
A set of nipple clamps, 2 more dildos in assorted sizes,
2 large butt plugs, at least 50 condoms ( I knew my husband's
desires very well) , a large strap-on, vibrating eggs,
and a partridge in a pear tree. I was like a little kid at Christmas
in a candy store. My moist pussy leading me around to each
new item and ideas it produced in my dominantly awaking
brain. I knew eventually, with time, I would buy more and
more things to use on that sweet little slave. Next was the
fabric store for the softest fleece I could find. Our little
Kelly would have to be restrained during sex and punishment
but due to her recent injuries special care was going to
have to be taken to protect her delicate skin. Hurriedly,
I headed home to get things set up for the slaves welcome.

Rob walked in the house through the kitchen with the petite
red head shyly trailing behind him. He was right when he
described her as a waif, with a face of an angel. My feature's
are classically pretty with all the right combinations
of irregularities and with a lively spirit to animate but
this child had a face from Raphael's angels. Beautiful
and pure of all contempt and guile. Trusting and pleading.
She was a pure innocent, unfettered by christian principals
of right and wrong but guided by an inner moral code which
was based on pure unrestrained pleasure and joy. It was
evident in the shy smile gracing her pink lips as she said, "
Hello, Ma'am, I'm Kelly. Thank you so much for
helping me." No one her age called me Ma'am and
coming from that sweet voice it sounded positively seductive.
Rob came to me and took me into his arms. Pulling me close
to his rock hard cock as he kissed me deeply. When he released
me my cunt was dripping down my legs again and my nipples
were straining through the white blouse I wore. I instructed
them both to sit at the table so we could have dinner and I
could get to know Kelly.

Two hours later I was sure I wanted Kelly to stay but I laid
some ground rules. She was informed that at all times her
room would contain clothes for her. Right now, there was
one change of clothes for her but if she consented to stay
we would shop for more. It was my express wish that she knew
she was free to leave at anytime. I did not want her to feel
as if she were in a hostage type sitaution. But if she was
to willingly consent to be our slave she would would go naked
or wear what I instructed her to wear around the house. I
started to inform her that she would have 2 free days a week
that were completely hers but she interrupted hesitantly, "
Ma'am, "
"You can call me Em as well or Mistress Em, but do go
ahead, what is it?" I said.
"I reguire no time to myself, I wish but to serve you
and Rob at all times. Your hobbies and passions will be mine.
I would assist you in all ways and preform any task you set
me to. " Ahhh, so this is what Rob was saying, the young
woman is completely commited to her life as a slave.
I nodded my head in acceptance and continued. She would
be expected to help me with all household cleaning and chores.
As well as the gardens. Rob and I had fallen into a nice deal
and lived in a two story brick farm house on 20 acres outside
the city. Gardening was my passion and my body responded
even more in our natural settings, I aready had ideas of
warmer weather activities we would preform in our secluded

She would be allowed to hold any job she wanted once she was
fully healed. Until we had gotten her into have a STD test
she would not be allowed to have sex with Rob unless protected
also she would be put on some form of birth control. Pouting
slightly when she heard Rob's cream wouldn't
be allowed on her for at least a week she accepted readily.
I concluded, "You will obey Rob and myself at all
times. Since you already have a safe word, I do not need to
cover that. Punishment will be dealt out when needed and
once healed you will recieve daily spankings or paddlings
to keep your ass red and accustomed to the routine. Anytime,
the routine seriously hurts you or threatens to hurt you,
though I assure you we will be very careful in this reguard,
use the safe word, instantly. I will ask you within the next
couple of days to start writing for me, during a one hour
period, what transpired with your previous Mistress and,
the piece of shit, who so recently called himself your Master.
I will want to know not only the events that went on but how
you felt emotionally and physically. You will also keep
a journal so I may acess your thoughts and feelings on your
life here, to insure that it is comfortable, secure, and
ultimately fullfilling for you. In order also, to make
any changes to my own methods and actions that need made.
I will occasionally assign you writing assignments. Not
only will your sexual life be fullfilling but your emotional
and psycological life will be as well. Your mind will grow
here as well. Other orders and instructions will be given
as needed but right now, I think you need to start your life
with us by comletely undressing so I may treat your wounds."

Rob was staring at me with wide lust filled eyes and a plainly
evident hard-on. He had never seen me take so much control
and it clearly excited him. Kelly's eyes were no less
clouded by desire as she rapidly complied and shed her clothes,
though neatly folding them and placing them in a pile on
her chair.
"Rob, would you please got get the bolt cutters from
the garage. I would like this gaudy collar of our little
slave." Rob hurried from the kitchen to the adjacent
"Now Kelly, come here. I want to look at the wounds."
Kelly, swiftly, moved in front of me with her head lowered
as I examined first her back and then her front. As I inspected
those beatifully hard nipples I noticed the holes.
"These look like professional piercings. Did he
take your jewelry?" I asked.
"No, I intentially lost the rings for my nipples,
clit, and two in each labia. I was worried he would rip them
out." She said quietly.
"Well, we'll have to see about getting you some
new jewelry and maybe and belly piercing if your good."
Her eyes brightened as she said, "Oh Thank you, Mistress."

"That depends on how good you are and how much control
you show though."
" Yes, Ma'am."
As Rob came back through the door with the bolt cutters I
could smell her hot scent drifting from her clenched legs.
I held her very still as Rob cut the lock from her collar.
Heading to the garbage can with the exspensive trinket,
I halted him, "No, Don't throw it away. I will
sell it."

"Now Kelly, I want you on the table on your hands and
knees so I can look at your pussy." She climbed on the
sturdy table and spead her legs as she posed for us. As I inspected
the damage to her skin, my own pussy started a heavy deluge
of juice at the site or her dripping cunt. The rational part
of my brain figured the damage could be reversed with quite
a few salves I made but the sexual part of my brain wanted
intant gratification.First a soaking bath for the girl
was in order and application of the salves to all her wounds.

Fighting my self for control, I lead the way to the newly
refurbished bathroom. We had condenced two small rooms
into one large room with a open shower and a large round whirlpool
bathtub. Later, lots of fun would be had in here but right
then I wanted her to soak. I knew Rob was as close to losing
control as I was so I said, " While you soak in that
warm water, you will watch your Mistress and Master play.
You will not be allowed to play with your own pussy or nipples."
She wimpered and nodded. Rob needed no urging to take me
in his arms and begin passionately kissing my eager lips.
I can't remember a time when my sensed had been so high
from physical contact. His fingers quickly found my button
sized nipples and began squeezing hard. I brazenly rubbed
my pussy up against his straining bulge. Quickly, he got
my shirt off me and both breasts once again framed in that
tight white bra. I dropped to my knees and freed his erect
member mercifully from his jeans. Bringing my lips to it,
I looked into his eyes as I took it to the base in one gulp.
His groans escaped as I began messaging it slowly with my
mouth. But he wasn't off the hook for his little unpermitted
sex session and his punishment was about to begin. Slowly,
I took it deep into my throat and nestled my teeth at the base
of his dick. Rob looked down expectantly with deire in his
eyes. Holding his bare ass cheeks in my hands I gradually
added more pressure with my teeth. Rob let out a deep groan, "Oh,
yes, it's time for my punishment isn't it baby."
To answer him, I let a resounding slap land on his tight ass
as I lightly drug my teeth up his cock. With my other hand
I wormed a finger in between his ass cheeks and searched
out the tight little hole.
"Oh god, baby, no, not that, please." He whined.
Clenching down again mid-cock with my teeth, I thrust my
finger into his asshole deeply. Forcing his cock past my
teeth and into my throat, Rob clutched my hair and started
fucking my throat hard as I banged his asshole with my relentless
finger. Sounds of pure animal lust came from his mouth as
he thrust his cock into my eager mouth and throat, teeth
scraping along his dick with each powerful thrust. Spanking
him hard, I essentially flogged him into deeper thrusts.
Bellowing he jerked his cock from my mouth and shot stream
after stream of white ropes of cum on my waiting tits. Kelly
wimpered in that bathtub as she watched our show.
Giving Rob a chance to recover I left him slowly sinking
to the carpet. Bending over Kelly in the bathtub I ordered, "
Clean me, my little bitch."
She eagerly began licking Rob's spunk from my milky
white skin. Going slow and taking her time she removed every
bit of cum except for my nipples. Gently she took the first
one in her mouth and sucked it deep. Grabbing her head, I
held her in an iron grip as she sucked and twirled the nipple
on her tongue.
"Now the other one." I instructed as I pulled
her roughly back. She latched on and continued to suckle
my nipples deeply. Her moans were sending vibrations through
my body and straight to my pussy. Reaching into the tub I
found her pussy and inserted two fingers firmly.
"Fuck my fingers." I commanded. Rob was know
behind me and removing my long white skirt. Since I never
wore any panties he had no other obstructions for quick
acsess to my dripping snatch. Leaving my white bra framing
my hot tits he grasped one in his hand, squeezing the nipple
between two fingers, as he thrust hard into my waiting cunt.
Kelly moaned and cried as she rammed her pussy hard into
my fingers. I let out cries as Rob thrust his spear into me
forcibly with quick deep strokes. Kelly's mouth and
tongue tortured one nipple as Rob's hand and fingers's
tortured the other. His cock pounded my pussy hard as he
leaned in and nipped my neck here and there. I uderstood
Rob's metaphore of the dam breaking as I became another
woman and screamed, " Fuck me hard, you son of a bitch.
Don't stop. Oh God, Take my fingers you little slut.
Fuck them. Cum now, bitch. Oh god, shove that cock in me ram
me good. Don't pussy out on me asshole, fuck me hard
as you fucked her ass. Fuck, I'm cummmmmiing!"
Rob did fuck me as hard as he had her ass, and maybe more, because
he suddenly doubled the strength of his thrusts, more than
he ever had before, and slammed me hard over and over again
until I came in a complex series of lights and explosions.
Gushing clear pussy juicy over Rob's cock and down
my legs. Kelly cried out as I told her to cum and let loose
her own jerking orgasm on my fingers. Her cunts spasming
strong well past the orgasm. But I wasn't done yet.

Now unencumbered by my skirt I straddled Kelly's head."
Lick it clean, clean all his cum out of my cunt, slave."
She started by licking eagerly Rob's cum and my juice,
from my smooth lips. Taking care that she got it all, she
made slow erotic circles with her tongue. Hitting my clit,
she set me to moaning again. Watching Rob bend over the tub,
I sighed, " Do her ass with your fingers, baby. Make
her squirt some more."
Kelly was inserting her tongue in my pussy still cleaning
up Rob's massive load as I grabbed her nipples in viselike
fingers while Rob thrust two fingers deep into her ass.
She cried out into my pussy vibrating my sensetive clit
with her vocals. I knew the cries were pleasured filled
as I twisted and turned those tough little nipples. Rob
was making waves in the water as he thrust sharply into her
asshole. Her hips were bucking in order to drive his fingers
deeper into her tight black hole. Riding her tongue, I felt
the fresh orgasm building rapidly in me and informed Rob
I needed his other hand at my ass. He was quick to comply.
With his long arms he was able to keep his fingers firmly
planted in her ass as he brought his other arm around me and
speared me on two fingers. It was sublime. Wonderful, pure
painful pleasure as he drove his fingers without hesitation
into my tight ass. I cried out as they stretched me and filled
me. Now, I was riding her tongue in my pussy and his fingers
up my ass. My juices gushed into Kelly's mouth as the
orgasm hit me hard. Her own orgasm pulled her mouth away
as she let out inhuman cries of passion. Shakily standing
up right. I looked at Rob's once again erect cock. "You'll
just have to wait for more until we get her dried and her wounds
treated with salve." I smiled as I squeezed his throbbing
organ. His agonized moans followed me to the pile of towels
across the room.

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