A Tale of Woe.......  

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A Tale of Woe.......

The Legend of Inuvayla'u

In the village of Kwabulo, on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea. There lived a clan called the Lukuba, Inuvayla'u was their chief. This ravenous character was reknowned for his surprise acts of copulation with the wives of the clan.

Usually, when the men went out fishing, and whilst the women were clearing and weeding the ground. He would hide behind the village fence, amongst some heavy bush. He penis was long and serpentine like, it would creep up behind the women. As the women were bent over doing their tasks, he would strike, knocking them onto all fours. The long and snakey penis would then slide into the stucken women.

Inuvayla'u was also fond of surpise copulation, whilst the women were bathing. The creeping penis would slip into the water, like an eel, and again enter the women.

The other men of the village became agitated. Their wives could not collect water with the usual coconut shell containers. As these had been broken by the penis like contortionist.

One day the men demanded that the wives cook and prepare food for the chief. The women said no; "This man abuses us and is violent towards us".

The men decided to investigate. They pretended to go fishing, whilst in fact, they hid in the thick scrub surrounding the village. They crouched and quietly watched

Inuvayala'u stood in a nearby bush, his penis snaking along the ground. It crept up behind the women, striking and knocking them onto all fours and then entering the women.

When the men saw this, they became very angry. The next morning they confronted Inuvayla'u, and dragged him to the tidal pool of the local creek. They immersed him many times into the water.

When they let him free. He climbed out of the water and returned to his house. He prepared some food and gathered all his belongings, as he was going leave that place.

When all was ready, Inuvayla'u came out of his house. He wailed aloud, and taking out an axe, he chopped at his penis. He cut off the helmut, it fell to the ground and turned to stone. He cried, wailed, and went on.

Standing outside the village, looking at his maimed penis, weeping over it it, he struck again with the axe. The shaft was taken off, it fell to the ground and turned to stone. Again he cried, wailed, and went on.

He turn around to look back towards the huts. He took his penis into the palm of his hand, and cut off the remaining stump. It fell and turned to stone. Again he cried, wailed, and went on.

Finally, as he stood in the waters of the tidal creek. Inuvayla'u gripped the axe and cut off his testicles.

Two large white coral boulders lie in the tidal creek near Kwabulo. They are a sign, they show where Inuvayla'u cut off his testicles.

Immoral of the story ?.

Don't hump and bump married people, unless their partners comply.


Beware the one eyed trouser snake.

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em.. i love a fable with an immoral of the story.. they are the best xoxo gata

Peace xxx K

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