What brown Can't do for me  

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3/24/2006 7:00 am

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What brown Can't do for me

If you know anything of me from my less than habitual postings here, you have perhaps noticed I recently downgraded my membership to standard.

I miss gold.
My mornings seemed too short, with all the rousing and stimulating thoughts and interactions, from the playfull and generous, to the silly, or just damn sexy.

Without being a harpy, I feel it all through me guttyworks,...
this little site has seen me through pain, and some measure of apathy. Joy and foolishness, unabashed lust, and a splash of pure selfishness.
The openness and sometimes ribald honesty, is a thing to be learned, but a thing best not secreted away like a rare treasure. Only exposed in the off-colored light of a closed room.
It should be shared by people of trust, in a brite and forgiving light, with a generous helping of understanding.
Not that you or I, should pull it out in everyday company, just the chance of sharing it with someone like-minded has given me the freedom and self...I don't know, confidence, expression, possibly self knowledge and acceptance.
I have felt more at peace with the world around me,and myself, knowing and interacting with the people on this site.
In fact I'd say I was happier and more sane because of it.

SO "What the hell are you waiting for" you say
"get your ass back in there" you say.
While I do wish to remain in a saner and happier mood, this is like a kind of electronic Prozac.
Everything has it's pro's and con's. Medication might make you feel better ...But if your swinging with a louisville sluggISH what's the friggin point.
As regards to the site, the damn thing is gettin to be plain fucking expesive.
Yeah, I think it's worth it in the big picture,
It's that wallet photo, of "what else would this pay for?" that toils my little brain into perplexia.(yeah maybe i DID make that word up).

Have I mentioned before my indefatigable penchant for worrisome, and self-defeating
ramblings through my own head??(hence the title of my overall bloggings)
It's the biggest reason I find the thoughts and ideas of others so refreshing.
I'm not insecure, or wishy-washy, by my own accounting.
In fact, I believe I'm very passionate, in what I'm thinking at that moment!
I am open to differing thoughts.
I am also a fool.
I will believe untill I am givin sound reasoning not to.
Not that I don't hold a degree of skepticism, but I CHOOSE to believe the face value,(filtered thru my inner bullshitometer) rather than doubt all I encounter.In fact I sometimes [knowing they are neck deep in BS] say nothing,
If it does me no ill, and leaves them their illusions or self worth. And yes I also enjoy smashing self-importance and grandioseness, with a healthy smack of yourfullofshit!

My BEE GEES cd has gone to hell, Pantera has a scratch, my sample of John Denver never was good, and the cassette of Warrior Soul "Drugs, God, and The New Republic" has serious problems.
I'm a tech-idiot,(i cant figure out my mp3 player)

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