rm_elfandmaiden 51M/57F
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5/15/2006 12:26 pm

i rescently came out of my shell
made a new profile
picked a new name
became DaLustyWench
i was Maiden of ElfandMaiden
which at times i enjoyed being
elf also has a new profile
he is Da_lone_elf
the confusing part is
i'm not sure who i want to be
maiden is part of a couple
and that couple is important to me
but i also like being Dalustywench
which has no shell and enjoys everything
right now i am confused
not sure who i am
wanting to be both of them
need to be one or both or none
i needed to express this
maybe it will help
cause right now i'm in a state of confusion
Maiden aka DaLustyWench

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