Trip to Vegas  

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3/2/2006 9:07 am

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Trip to Vegas

A husband comes home to find his wife with her suitcases packed in the living room. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" he says.

"I'm going to Las Vegas. You can earn $400 for a blow job there, and I figured that I might as well earn money for what I do to you free."

The husband thinks for a moment, goes upstairs, and comes back down, with his suitcase packed as well.

"Where do you think you going?" the wife asks.

"I'm coming with you...I want to see how you survive on $800 a year!!!"

Yet another amusing little thing I found and am sharing here with all who choose the read it.

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3/2/2006 9:37 am

lmao...very funny

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