Sundae Delight  

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2/23/2006 7:46 am

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Sundae Delight

One or maybe two can of Reddi Whip Cream (comes in flavors)
One can or squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce (any flavor will do)
Several strawberries
Frozen banana maybe one or two

Nice place where you can get messy
2 people or more depending how much fun you want to have
Take off all clothes (that can be fun to)
Shake up the cans of whip cream

Lay down my sweet
Lets make a sundae
Start with the chocolate sauce
Pouring it over your marvelous breast
Down over your stomach
Now onto your pussy

Wait a quick lick
Lets see how pussy taste dipped in chocolate
Mmmmmmmmmm wonderful
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your tongue is great
Little bit more of a taste ooooooo chocolate covered pussy
Back to the sundae

Shake up that can (chocolate flavor)
Lets cover those titties with whipped cream
Just a little lick make those nipples stand up
Be the cherries on the sundae
Some on the tummy
And down to the pussy

Lets see where are those strawberries
Time for dipping
Where shall I start
Little bit here little bit there
No wait forgot some thing
Oh yes the frozen banana
Now where to but this

Ahh yes the chocolate covered pussy
One firm frozen banana
Going into one chocolate covered pussy
Peeled and sliding it in
Little by little
Back and forth in a sweet chocolate covered pussy

Time to eat and lick
Take those strawberries dipping them into the sundae
Sucking and licking the sundae of your breast
Making those nipples stand out
Nibble nibble lick lick
Such a sweet creation

Now down to the best part
Time to eat chocolate cover pussy
Eat that banana out of you
Licking all that whip cream and chocolate
Licking your pussy making you cum
Making you moan and scream with desire

Mmmmmm lets get messy
You were delicious
My very own chocolate sundae
So so good
Yum yum yum
So good so good

Elfs Maiden

copyright© Febuary2006 by Maiden

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