Stranger in the dark  

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Stranger in the dark

She opens her eyes, something is not right. She remains still unable to see anything in the darkness, listening for whatever has awakened her from her nights sleep. It seems like an eternity just laying there without even daring to breath, when she finally hears it. It is the sound of someone else’s breath. Or was that her own breath? Is her mind playing tricks on her? After several more minutes she can take the suspense no longer and she rolls off her side and on to her back and looks around the dark room. The first thing she notices is the alarm clock on the nightstand reading 3:18 am. Slowly glancing around she sees only darkness and shadows, but something still feels wrong like she is being watched. Hating the paranoia, she slides back moving into a sitting position with her back against the headboard and reaches over to turn on the lamp.

“Leave the light off, I prefer the dark,” comes out of the darkness in a deep baritone voice just loud enough for her to hear. She freezes with her hand still several inches from the lamp. Her other hand grabs hold of her blanket pulling it up to cover the front of her sheer nightgown. She wavers briefly between turning on the light or bringing the other hand back to help cover her breasts. She finally decides that it would be safer to remain in the dark thinking that if her uninvited guest wants to remain anonymous she would not give him any reason to hurt her or worse. She brings the hand back to clutch the bed coverings at her chest.

In a timid and shaky voice she asks, “Are you going to kill me?”


“ me?”

“Do you want to be ?”

“No! Are you going to hurt me?”

“Only if you want to be hurt.”

“Then what do you want here?”

“I want to get pleasure by giving you pleasure.”

“Then you are going to me!”

“Only if that is what will give you pleasure. Tell me, when was the last time you were pleasured by a man.”

Silence is her only response to his demand, as she shifts her weight nervously and chews on her bottom lip.

“Been that long, then. You either do not remember or are too embarrassed to say. Fear not I will make love to you, not you. When I am through you will be grateful of my visit tonight.” With those last words he steps out of the darkest shadows allowing her to see his silhouette in the darkness. He stands at least six feet tall, has broad muscular shoulders, a large chest that tapers to a narrower waist across his cut and defined abdomen. She can see the sleek powerful legs running up to his firm round ass with hint of something large dangling between the thighs.

She gasps as she wonders if she has finally gone off the deep end, for this is the fantasy she has had through many sessions of self pleasuring. Has she finally lost herself in the fantasy? She closes her eyes and wills herself to wake up or to simply return to reality. Her eyes snap back open as she feels the bed shift, the way they do when another body climbs onto them.

She still cannot make out his face or the color of his short hair, but can clearly see the large thick evidence that he is indeed a man as he slowly crawls up from the foot of the bed towards her. He moves up placing her between his powerful arms, moving up further his legs go on either side of her legs. She trembles at his approach, her knuckles turning white with the strength of her grip on the blankets held between her voluptuous breasts.

He presses his warm lips to her quivering ones, gently lightly at first, but as the quivering of her lips lesson he increases the pressure and intensity of the kiss. She feels the warmth of his breath, the gentleness of his kiss, and cannot help but respond with a kiss of her own. As his kiss deepens she can feel her own need growing, she lets go of the blankets and reaches up to put her hands on his chest. As her fingers make contact with the skin pulled taught over the hard muscles of his chest, her entire body relaxes as a familiar warmth begins to grow between her thighs.

She soon draws herself up to meat him by reaching around to his back and using him as the anchor. She presses her chest to his as she presses her tongue against his mouth trying to get it past his lips. He opens his mouth to allow her tongue in without releasing any of the pressure and slides his tongue past hers into her mouth as well. She can feel the beating of his heart against her breast as she clings to his powerful frame, it only increases the heat building in her loins, and she can feel the moisture growing along with it.

She tries to get out from under the covers, but is stuck with his weight on either side of her legs holding the blankets in place. Feeling her struggling underneath him, he lifts his weight off of his right hand and wraps the arm around her back. He then straightens his back rising to an upright position kneeling on the bed. She is lifted with him as he rises pulling her out from under the covers, except for her delicate ankles and dainty feet. She brings her feet under her and stands only having to bend slightly to maintain the kiss with him kneeling.

As her body presses against his, she can feel his manhood begin to grow, lengthening, thickening, and hardening through her nightgown and panties. His left hand comes up finding the bottom of the gown sliding past it across the skin of her thigh stopping just for an instant to feel the soft material of her panties stretched tight against her round firm ass. His hand then caresses the soft skin at small of her back just above the satiny under garment. With their mouths still pressed firmly together and tongues exploring each other’s mouth, he slides his right arm down to find the to the hem of the sleepwear. His hand slips in under the sheer garment and caresses its way up the leg across her ass and to her back along with his other hand.

She pulls her mouth away from his and begins to kiss her way down his neck and across his chest getting lower with each kiss. This causes her night gown to be lifted well above her hips. He hooks his fingers into the material and pulls it up over her head leaving her in nothing more than her satin bikini style panties. Her hand slides down his washboard abds to find his nearly erect manhood that is already so large that she can barely get her to completely encircle it. She marvels at his length and girth and begins to lower her mouth to its big head, but he stops with his hands grabbing her shoulders preventing her from going any lower saying, “No, I'm here for your pleasure not my own.”

He lifts her with seemingly no effort back up to his mouth. He once again presses his lips to hers and returns his tongue into her mouth. When she wraps her arms around him and pushes her entire soft curvaceous body into his hard sculptured one, his hands slide down her supple back and into her remaining clothing. He gently kneads her ass cheeks as his big hands nearly completely encompass each one.

She moans into his mouth and presses her body tighter into his, as his hands move to the sides of her hips. His thumbs hook over the waistband of her panties and he begins to slowly push his hands down along her thighs drawing the small garment along with them. He suddenly grips her legs tighter and lifts her off the bed. She gasps in surprise and their mouths once again separate. He takes the opportunity to kiss her neck and slide his mouth across her smooth skin to spot between her ample breasts. She arches her back pushing her chest harder into his face.

Holding her up he backs up as one arm crosses her legs just under her now bare ass, while the other arm wraps around her slim form a few inches above her narrow waist. Still kissing, sucking, and licking the valley of her chest, he lowers her onto her back on the bed. With her now on the bed he pulls his arms out from under her and cups a large breast in each big hand as his mouth slowly kisses its way further south over her smooth flat stomach. He kneads both of her fleshy mounds simultaneously he then brings his thumbs and forefingers together with her nipples caught between. His mouth stops when it finds her navel so he can circle it with the tip of his tongue a couple of times before the tongue goes in to explore the full depth.

His hands pull away from the breasts and slide down her ribs and sides as his mouth finds the top of the hairline of her most private hair. She can feel his warm breath stirring the hairs causing a slight tickling sensation, as his mouth lingers there while his hands move further down along her smooth shapely legs. His hands once again find the panties just above her knees. He lefts his head away from her body as he pulls her panties the rest of the way off.

As soon as the small piece of material is clear of her small feet, he throws it backwards over his shoulder off of the bed and his face descends quickly into her crotch. He first just rubs his mouth and nose into her unshaved privates, inhaling deeply to get her full aroma. He then reaches up with one hand spreading the lips apart as his mouth finds her clitoris and sucks it into the wet warmth. His remaining hands slides back up her sleek form to find a breast and nipple again. She moans with pleasure grinding her hips forcing her pubic area up into his face, as she grips his head and hair with both of her delicate hands.

Continuing to suck he inserts a finger into her and begins to work it around exploring every inch that the finger can reach. He twists and turns his finger while bending it at the knuckle and rubbing her inner walls. She lets out a squeal of delight, and he can feel her muscles starting to tighten. He works his finger in and out with increasing speed and intensity. Just as he feels she is about to climax, he whips his finger out and moves his mouth lower. His thumbs goes to the mound the mouth just left and rubs it with a great need. His mouth sucks up her juices as he brings her to the first climax of the encounter. His actions he promises her many more.

When she relaxes her arched back and her breathing begins to even out, he moves his mouth back up and licks where his thumb had just been. That thumb goes down and slips inside her, while his middle finger slides further down and back working between her cheeks. That finger finds and gently circles her little rosebud just teasing it with a very light touch. She moans with pleasure at his touch, her hand goes up to the breast he is not touching while her other hand remains in his hair. He continues to lick, while his hand pinches and twists her nipple and his thumb works in and out of her, his finger puts just a small amount of pressure and the tip just starts to open her as it is slipping in.

He switches back to sucking as he feels her relax and accept his finger. He inserts the finger into her and pushes the thumb and finger together trying to get them to touch through her hot flesh. She lets out another squeal and moves her hips up into his probing hand and sucking mouth. Feeling the tension from his other digit inside her, he begins to twirl them around each other even as he works them in and out. Her back arches again and her breathing gets quicker and shallower. He squeezes harder on her nipple and sucks harder as he works his other thumb and finger harder and faster. She releases her breast as both of her hands go back to his head. Just as she climaxes again, he drives the thumb and finger as deep into her they will go. He enjoys the sensation of her contracting and relaxing the muscles engulfing his digits, as she screams again.

Once she relaxes again and her breathing becomes more normal, he slowly removes his fingers from inside her body and slowly licks and kisses his way back up her torso. He pauses to pull each nipple into his mouth before going to the valley between her full natural breasts. He kisses, sucks, and licks the area between her luscious mounds, then slowly works his way back up across her neck up to her waiting mouth. While kissing her, he guides the large head of his erect manhood to rub gently against and between the lips that make her a woman. Slowly he inserts it into her hot wet waiting box. She gasps breathlessly as he opens her wider than any man ever has before. After several minutes of the slow pressure, he reaches the point where he can go no deeper and she screams with yet another orgasm just from how filled she is. He begins to slowly move back and forth, pulling back and reinserting. She has several more orgasms with each new insertion, before he even quickens his pace. She is near delirious with absolute pleasure as he pumps her harder and harder with each new stroke. He suddenly stops fully in her, she screams again and he waits for her to relax again before moving.

Without pulling out, he takes hold of her in his strong arms and rolls over onto his back placing her atop him still impaled on his long thick erection. She just lays there on his chest straddling his groin for several minutes still trying to catch her breath. She has no idea how many times she has climaxed now and is content to just stay in that position with him completely filling her like no man has ever done before. He will not let her just remain there like that as he begins to move his hips causing her to feel him move inside her again. She soon starts to move herself, grinding her hips down into his. It is not long before she rises up off his chest and begins to ride him like a bucking bronco. She sits upright without pulling him from her and spins on his shaft putting her back towards his face forcing him to reach around her to cup her breasts.

After yet another screaming orgasm, and after catching her breath again, she slowly lifts herself off of his still rock hard member. He is slick with her juices when he pops out of her. She alters her position just slightly and slowly begins to lower herself back onto his throbbing tool. This time she guides him to her other pleasure center of the lower region of her body. She guides him between her cheeks going up and down the full length of him several times before pressing the tip to her quivering rosebud. She ever so slowly lowers herself onto him again taking him inside. She lets out a small yelp of pain at first penetration but continues to force him in deeper. When his head get fully inserted she bites down on her bottom lip at the pain, but still does not stop. She does not stop until she has about eight of his nine inches inside her body.

She remains motionless for several minutes allowing her body to adjust to this new intrusion. She then begins to slowly ride him up and down as well as rocking forward and back with some side to side movement as well. Her speed and intensity increase as the pain is replaced by sheer pleasure. With his hands on her hips he drives her harder and faster until he suddenly pulls her down fully on him forcing all of him into to her as he erupts with an incredible orgasm of his own. Feeling him in places that have never been touched before and feeling him spurting into those depths drives her over the edge one more time and she screams with such intense pleasure they are certain the neighbors had to have heard but do not care. When both of their convulsions stop, she slides off him and next to him on the bed. She kisses him on the mouth and falls fast a sleep with her head on his shoulder.

When she awakens to sunlight streaming in through her blinds, she smiles thinking about the wonderful dream she just had. She stops in mid thought as her hand brushes across her bare breast under her covers. She sits bolt upright as she realizes she is completely nude. She hears a noise from just outside her house, climbs on stiffing muscles out of the bed. Padding quickly across to the window, she pulls back the blinds. Standing there in the buff she watches as a large pickup truck loaded with tools is pulling out of her driveway. The last thing she sees of her mysterious visitor is the letters painted on the tail gate of the truck saying “Grey Wolf Construction”.

We hope everybody enjoys my first work of this type Maiden's Elf

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4/30/2006 9:31 am

Very nicely written...felt like I was there in the room! Keep up the good work!

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