Polish jokes?  

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3/6/2006 12:04 pm

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Polish jokes?

Where did they come from? I often wondered why so many people would single out a whole nationality like that and label them as less than intelligent. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not usually one to slander people like that, but I have a real life story about as it so happens is a Polish gentleman I was acquainted with.

We were both setting in the back of a full van in late December many years ago, and this gentleman asked me if I lived in an apartment. I replied that no I lived in a house with my parents.

He than ask me if my house was warm, cause his apartment was cold. I said that yes my house was warm the furnace worked just fine, and asked him if he knew why his apartment was cold.

He said that there was a hole in one of his windows a kid had thrown a rock through it. I asked him if he had told his landlord, or even taped a piece of plastic or cardboard over the hole. His response was a simple “No.”

I than asked how long it had been since the window was broken, and he said that it had been over 2 weeks ago.

I had no idea how to respond to that. All I could think was OMG!!! I this what a typical Polish person is like? I have some idea where the jokes came from.

How the hell do you respond to a conversation like that without hurting his feelings?

I deeply apologize if this offends anybody, and I am by no means saying that all Polish people fit the jokes, but this certainly did and I could not believe it, I was completely floored.

It’s been many years since this and for some reason it came to mind today, it does seem kind of amusing after all this time. I decided to share after I was told that the jokes I have been posting have been around for a while, so I decided to put out something original.

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xxxhandyman4u2 56M

3/6/2006 1:10 pm

yep its funny ...and i have customers just like him...

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