My own personal toy  

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3/7/2006 8:19 am
My own personal toy

I like to play
Can you guess with what
Every man has one
And they love to have it played with

I love to use my hands
Caressing it gently
Playing with the head
Stroking the head

I love to use my lips
Kissing it softly
Teasing you with my tongue
Licking from your balls to your head

Taking you into my mouth
Sucking you in
Up and down slow than fast
Making you hard is what I want to do

Can you feel my mouth
Is it driving you crazy
Does it feel good
I want to make you very very hard

Now what do we do with it
Should I continue to suck
or put it else where
My pussy needs it bad

Put it in my pussy
Fuck me hard and deep
Make it last
Make it last

In my pussy
And in my ass
Fast and hard
Lets make you cum

Know lets start again

hope you enjoy

Elfs Maiden

Copyright© March2006 by Maiden

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