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2/1/2006 10:04 pm

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What is it lately?
I really am getting tired of these emotions. I can稚 control them and they turn me into a real bitch. This is the worse it has ever been. I love the horniness and the sex drive and even wanting the sex almost every hour of the day. But the crying and anger and temper really are annoying. The littlest things sets me off. Trying to control them is sometimes a loosing battle. (YES GUYS A BATTLE) and having to admit I知 wrong and it was my fault isn稚 easy either. But usually it is my fault and I do apologize. (Yes I do apologize when I知 wrong guys) this is just a short rant and a apology to my Elf who puts up with me no matter what mood I知 in and to that I say thank you very much and I really truly am sorry for the way I was this afternoon. I really do love you. To all who read this a thank you to you for reading it and letting me vent.

PMS is a bitch and so is MENOPAUSE!!!!!!!!

It too shall pass and I will survive at least I can vent

Lets just concentrate on the horniness and satisfying that.

Also driving the elf crazy is the best time and sex is great to.

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