Happy Aniversary Dear  

rm_elfandmaiden 51M/57F
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4/17/2006 10:43 am

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1/28/2015 5:56 am

Happy Aniversary Dear

This one for you dearest the best 16 years of marriage and 17 years of being together.

Do you know
How much I love you
I cant believe that we
Found each other

The way my life was going
I just thought I’d be
A very lonely lady
The rest of my life

I know I was a little tipsy
When I first kissed you
But like the song says
You took my breath away

We had our ups and downs
Had 2 kids
Watching them grow
Makes me feel complete

We hit a little bump
And oh my god
Did that hurt
Just felt so bad

Working it out was hard
Never new I could cry that much
Remembering that night
When it was just us

No one else
Two souls became one
I new that no matter what happened
I would always loved

You gave all of yourself
Back to me
On the day of love
One hundred percent

Now we’re going to try new things
Explore together and separately
I hope we both can enjoy
And let it be fun and exciting for both

I would like to wish you
Happy Anniversary
I am truly happy
And truly blessed

I have found a man
Who truly loves me for who I am
And I love you always and forever
Never forget that

So darling
I say this with all my heart
I love you
Always and forever totally

love you my sexy hubby


Da_Lone_Elf 51M

4/17/2006 1:15 pm

TY my darling wonderful wife I do not know how much you love me but I do know how much I love you. Can your love for me be more than my love for you, is there any way to know for sure. I don't think so.

This wonderful poem for me has caused my eyes to tear up with joy.

Words cannot properly express the measure and depth of my love for you.

I love you my sexy wiffy

Da Elf

Frederick2223 70M
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4/29/2006 9:16 pm

Maiden and Elf, thanks for the 2 poems that you shared, not only with each other, but also with us. I appreciate that the "bump" brought new work, and even greater love. Best wishes!

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