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Milk dark white chocolate
Love them all
Not just a little
Oh one hell of a lot

Need it (more times than others)
Want it (most of the time)
Got to have it (ohhhh yaaa baby)

Give it to me
Just about anyway (nothing strange i.e. chocolate covered insects waste of good chocolate)
Eat just about any time or anywhere
Even would lick it off of someone special

Need it
Want it
Got to have it

But the question is
Is chocolate better than sex
Well if the better half is not there and chocolate is
I’ll go for the chocolate and wait for him to come home

Need it
Want it
Got to have it

Chocolate chocolate chocolate
Give me give me give me
Any and all
Chocolate LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elfs Maiden

copyright© Febuary2006 by Maiden

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