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“Can you kiss me?” she asks.
“Only if you want me too.” He answers
“Kiss me than and make it good.” She demands.
“Okay baby.” He replies.
“Kiss me in other places baby.” She requests.
“Okay baby.” He responds.
“Caress my breast with your big hands my darling.” She exclaims.
“Are you sure my love?” He asks.
“Please.” She pleads.
“Your going to make me hard my dear.” He proclaims.
“That’s the plan my love.” She remarks.
“May I suck on your nipples my dear?” He queries.
“That’s all I can take of this suck on my nipples please and I’ll suck on your cock,” as she begins to work it in and out of her mouth and moaning deeply as she enjoys his nipple sucking.
He works on the nipples for a while and then starts his way down her stomach pausing momentarily at her naval and working his tongue in and out of it. Then continuing down to her pussy where he licks her mound and spreads her legs to have full access to her clit and pussy lips. He starts to lick her clit finding her favorite spot and working it till she screams with pleasure.
She has to stop working on his huge cock for the pleasure he is giving her is so intense, she catches her breath and adjusts her position and starts to suck it again trying to get as much in her mouth as possible.
“Darling would you like me to put that big cock into your hot pussy and fuck you hard and deep?” He asks breathlessly.
“Oh baby, fuck me deep and hard, put it in, put it in.” She begs.
He grabs his cock and starts to rub the head on her pussy lips, up and down, up and down then he finds her opening and starts to push his huge head deep inside her pussy. Filling her pussy inch by wonderful inch fitting all of him inside her. He starts to move his hips slowly in and out, in and out filling her with his rock hard cock. He starts to increase his speed but slowly moving his cock to give her the most pleasure. Increasing every little bit. Thrusting so she takes every inch of him. Working it back and forth as hard as he can faster and faster till he makes her climax.
Her moaning has increased as his cock is filling her and giving her such immense pleasure that she is screaming. She meets his thrust with her hips taking him all the way in.
“Lets change positions, let me on top.” She suggests.
He rolls her over keeping his cock inside and placing her so she can ride him.
She starts to move her hips up and down on his huge cock increasing her speed as she screams with pleasure and climaxes again. She stops momentarily to regain her breath. She has him all the way in her pussy, she slowly starts to rock back and forth, feeling his huge shaft and bringing herself to another climax.
“You want to finish in my ass?” She asks.
“Oh baby let me have that sweet tight ass of yours.” He almost pleads.
She slowly lifts her hips and lowers them several times to make sure his huge cock is well lubricated then gentle guides it towards her ass, holding it as she guides it in. She shutters as his cock enters and fills her ass.
He gentle increases his speed not putting all of himself in but enjoying getting as much as he can. His breathing is coming faster. His speed increases he is moaning and so is she.
“Fuck it hard baby cum on my ass.” She demands.
“Yea baby yea, going to cum baby.” He exclaims.
With a few long and deep strokes into her ass he pulls out and cums all over her ass.
They fall into each others arms exhausted.

This short story was written for your pleasure by the Maiden and edited by the Elf.

We hope everybody enjoys our first attempt at the erotic fiction.

copyright© Febuary2006 by Maiden

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