Being Naughty In The Moonlight  

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5/17/2006 10:55 am

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Being Naughty In The Moonlight

In the darkness of the night
With only the moon as our light
They walk along the path
Hand in hand

The breeze gentle blowing
Against their slightly wet bodies
Looking for a perfect spot
Quite and secluded

Off the beaten bath
They know where to go
Just that special spot
They’ve been there before

Spreading out the blanket
Laying themselves down
Longing to touch each other
Explore each other’s wants

The kisses grow demanding
It has been to long
Just to see the moonlight
Makes the feelings grow

They love to touch each other
Their clothes do not stay on
Touching and caressing
Nibbling and sucking

The licking is exquisite
The pussy responds so well
The tongue is just so marvelous
The moaning growing louder

To quite her moaning
He offers her his cock
She truly loves to suck
She knows just what to do

Starting at the head
Licking with her tongue
Down the shaft and to the balls
Licking and teasing all the way up and down

Taking him into her mouth
Heading down his shaft
Then back up to the head
Gently with her teeth she nibbles as he moans

Using her hands and her mouth
She loves to drive him wild
But know she has to have him
Deep inside her driving her wild

She climbs on top
And glides him in slowly
Feeling every inch
As he goes deeper

The ecstasy of his cock
Deep inside her pussy
Moonbeams shining down
Moaning increasing with each movement

She rides his cock
Taking it deeper into her
With every thrust of her hips down
Her moans become louder

The speed increases
With much urgency
The pleasure is overwhelming
The moans turn to screams of desire

Reversing their positions
With him now on top
He tries to quite her
But to no avail

He increase his speed
Thrusting in deeper
She starts to quiver
Moaning and screaming she has cum

With this he continues
Increasing even more
He wants it to happen
Just a little longer not going to stop

Out in the open
The moon above them
The thrill of getting caught
Oh god its so good

Not to much longer
He knows he’ll cum soon
With one final thrust he releases his load
Their total enjoyment can be heard all around

Collapsing on her
They are truly amazed
No one has heard them
No one has come

They dress really quick
And as they reach the path
They hear the applause
Their performance was good

hope you enjoy


Da_Lone_Elf 51M

5/17/2006 11:55 am

WOW!!! Dahling we so have to find a secluded spot like that give this a try.

You got my passion burning for you, again My Love

Da Elf

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