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9/4/2006 10:34 pm

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101 Things

So here I am...the end of a 3-day weekend, and I'm tired, but can't sleep. A while back, I was reading another blog and noticed that person had posted a list of tidbits of information about themselves. I got to thinking, could I think up 100 interesting and not-so-interesting things about myself to share with the world? So I tried it. And found out that I had 101, and could continue. So...if you care to find out more information about me, continue reading!!

1. My favorite color is blue.
2. My birthdate is May 28th.
3. I weighed 2 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces at birth.
4. I was born at 5:02 a.m.
5. I spent almost 2 months in the hospital before I came home.
6. I have one older brother.
7. I have 35 first cousins.
8. I have 20 second cousins.
9. I have 32 aunts and uncles.
10. My paternal grandmother had 12 children.
11. My maternal grandmother had 5 children.
12. I had 3 grandmothers.
13. Only one is still living.
14. I had 3 grandfathers.
15. None are still living.
16. My last name is actually my step-grandfather's last name.
17. My father legally changed our last name when he went into the Navy.
18. I met my father's biological father only twice in my life.
19. The first time I don't remember; the second happened when I was 14.
20. I met my father's stepmother only twice in my life.
21. The first I don't remember; the second happened when I was 19.
22. Grandma died 9 months after I saw her in August 1998.
23. I wrote her and grandpa letters nearly twice a week from age 10 until they both died.
24. Grandma answered every letter I sent.
25. My mother's parents were born and raised in North Dakota.
26. My paternal grandfather died in 1962, so I never knew him.
27. My maternal grandmother was an English teacher.
28. She was so happy I decided to follow in her footsteps.
29. English was my favorite subject in school.
30. I liked creative writing the best.
31. Creative writing was much easier for me if someone gave me a topic to write about.
32. Spanish was my 2nd favorite subject.
33. I'm not fluent in Spanish, but I can quote you a QuinceaƱera invitation or Spanish wedding invitation.
34. Elena is my name in Spanish.
35. When I started at my current job in 1997, I could type 50 words a minute.
36. Three years later, someone estimated I could type 80 words a minute.
37. I have no idea how fast I can type now.
38. I have one close friend I've known since Kindergarten that I talk to almost daily.
39. I can name everyone who lives on my street.
40. I used to know everyone in town by name.
41. My favorite types of books to read are romance novels.
42. I also like historical romance and historical fiction.
43. History is another favorite subject.
44. For the past few years, I've been doing geneology search on my family.
45. I've found out a lot of interesting information about my family.
46. I've spent hours at the Minnesota Historical Society Library researching family history.
47. In my lifetime, my family has had five cats and three dogs.
48. All three dogs were German Shepherds.
49. Four of the five cats have been Siamese.
50. Cisco is my cat.
51. She's 14.
52. I got Cisco when I was 14.
53. I love romantic comedies.
54. I've never received flowers from anyone.
55. My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley.
56. Second on my list of favorite flowers is roses.
57. I prefer yellow, peach or white roses to red.
58. I've never had a serious romantic relationship.
59. I've never been in love.
60. I can be very sarcastic at times.
61. I like to joke around with people.
62. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses.
63. Dove chocolates are my favorite.
64. Ghirardelli Chocolate is also a favorite.
65. I saw the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory in San Francisco.
66. My first airplane ride was to San Francisco.
67. That took place in October 1995.
68. I'd love to go back someday.
69. My second plane ride was to Washington, D.C.
70. That took place in March 1997.
71. A friend went with me.
72. Our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours.
73. We had to find our own way from the airport to our hotel - in a city neither of us had been to before - and it was after dark.
74. Even so, we had a wonderful time.
75. I've been someplace outside Minnesota almost every year since 1995.
76. In 1996, I went with my grandparents to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
77. In 1997, I went to Estes Park, Colorado.
78. I visited my grandmother in San Diego in 1998.
79. While in San Diego, I went to Tijuana, Mexico.
80. I made a return trip to Albuquerque in 1999, followed by a trip with friends to Michigan and Ontario, Canada.
81. I went to North Dakota in June 2000 for my grandmother's funeral.
82. In 2003, I drove by myself from Minnesota to Virginia.
83. I had a cast on my left foot at the time.
84. I've had 2 surgeries on my left foot.
85. The first took place on my 23rd birthday.
86. I made a return trip to Washington, D.C. in 2004.
87. I'd love to take a month and just drive around the U.S. visiting all the places I want to see.
88. I could probably visit most of my relatives all across the country in that time.
89. I like traveling alone, but I also like traveling with friends.
90. I take tons of pictures when I travel.
91. I've only had one minor car accident and it involved a semi.
92. It was my fault and no major damage was done.
93. I've been stopped for speeding once.
94. I got a written warning.
95. I can cook and bake just about anything.
96. I knew what baking a cake meant by the time I was two years old.
97. My mom mumbled something about making a cake, and I proceeded to get out a bowl, measuring cups and a cake pan.
98. When I make meals, most of the time I don't use a recipe.
99. My favorite music is country.
100. I listen to quite a bit of 80's, 90's and current music.
101. I also like listening to Mozart, Bach, Beethoven or Pachebel when I want to relax.

I know, there was nothing about sex in there...sorry. You'll have to ask if you want to know more about that!!
Hope I didn't bore you too much!!
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9/4/2006 10:50 pm

It was an informative blogg.

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9/19/2006 10:41 pm

very interesting

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10/11/2007 9:15 pm

I'm with you... recipes are for wimps
Nice blog, good to find out more about people.

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