Everything I know about Anal Sex  

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5/26/2006 1:34 am

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Everything I know about Anal Sex

Hmmmmmm... Anal Sex. Now that brings up a lot of memories, fantasies & personal experiences. I've been in more than a few of my ex-ladies tushes. I can say that those experiences were hotter and sexier than all hell. Maybe it was the fact of the act. Could have been her/them screaming out "You're fucking my ASS!!!!". Those words just ignited me. Usually it was from behind, me on top of her with a finger "diddling the button". It was best though in "missionary". I'm a kisser anyways, so I just love that. But the eye contact during is just soooooo damn sexy!!!! I can also say that the orgasms resulting from a good "pooter poking" are intensely mind-blowing. Not just for me, but especially for her. The feeling of her ass cumming around my cock always set me off. For her it's different from that of vaginal. Much, much more intense, more rolling, & much more widespread. The anal cum usually triggered her to cum from her pussy too. I mean, like she ended up just soaking. I had to change the sheets a lot back then. I didn't mind though. Just make sure that you have an extra set of sheets, or at least a few towels within reach. A good Booty-Banging has the potential to get VERY messy VERY fast.

The few very important things that I can say about preparing for anal sex are:

1. You MUST take care to ensure that your partner is into it. There are ways to get her to open up to the idea, but it really all comes down to trust, open-mindedness, freakiness, and past experiences. DO NOT EVER make someone do something they don’t want to , or even try just this one time.

2. That little hole has got to be nice and wet. I am a pussy eater. Actually I love to devour snatch. You know the saying “You’ve got to lick it, so you can stick it”? That pretty much sums it up. If it’s all good, then I just absolutely love to get my tongue worked all up in that “brown eye”. I’ll fuck it with my tongue and just eat it like were her pussy. I also like to alternate between areas. I’m just all over the place. I especially like to do this from behind with my woman bending over, or on all fours, with me at the “rear”. If she can get juicy from vaginal sex, then go for it and get that whole area sloppy, soaking wet. If that doesn’t work, and if need be, then try a good water-based lube.

3. That little hole has also got to be loosened up, at least a little bit. Re-read what I wrote in No. 2. When I’m doing all that, I’ll work in a finger if she’s on her back & I’m eating her. Usually one in the tush & one in the puss. If I’m being ridden, then I’ll grab her ass in my hands and insert my middle finger. If we happen to be in “doggy”, then I’ll just put in a thumb. This needs to be done very slowly & gently. When you have just the tip is in, rub around in slow circles so as to get her to loosen up. It especially helps if you also can concentrate on another of her erogenous zones. Continue, until you both (she) feel like she has loosened up enough for an attempt at penetration.

4. You CANNOT just pound into her backdoor like it was her pussy. Again, make sure that she is very well lubed back there. I guarantee that little hole will be very, very tight when actual penetration occurs. It doesn’t matter if from the rear, or from a missionary position, at first you need to VERY CAREFULLY insert just the head. Allow her to react and to stretch out to your cock. Try and do anything to keep her, arousal going. Play with her clit, nipples, or whatever does it for her. Even get her to do these things to herself. Always remember to tell her how sexy it is what you’re both doing and just how much it turns you on. Let her open up, and then start to insert some more. Go easy, and slow at first until she can used to the feeling of something going in and out of her back there. You’ll know how hard/fast to go when you get her reaction to all those new & wonderful sensations she’s been missing out on.

I’m fairly confident that a well executed Booty-Banging session will in fact bring the two of you more together if a couple. If it’s just a “For Fun” thing, then you will know just how freaky your partner is, and can be. More return visits. Don’t forget that STD’s can be gotten like this, and if even if a drop of “Baby-Batter” finds its way into her quim, then there is a possibility of a pregnancy. I say this even though I just love to feel my cock sliding inside a sweet little tush, then exploding & coating her insides with my White-Hot, Molten Man-Juice. Then letting her squeeze my dick out as she is coming down from her waves of orgasms. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. In my opinion, you should always, I mean always, at the bare minimum, go into the bathroom and wash your dick off in the sink when you’re done. Of course it’s always best to do this with your partner, as each can attest first-hand to the cleanliness of the other.

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