water and terrified tourists  

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5/21/2006 2:40 am
water and terrified tourists

growing up here in hawaii,being in the water is more akin to breathing for me.
todays snorkle trip to molokini was a blast.up at 5:30am check in at the boat at 7:00am with couples on honeymoon and senior citizens.a few single girls here and there.
most of the crew: young,able & post college types eager to save the environment.
the ride to molokini was a bit choppy but enjoyable non the less.
snorkling began moments after the safety briefing with myself and my 6 year old son among the first in the water,some 40 feet or so deep and crystal clear.
tugging my son along on a boogie board about 20 or so feet from the boat i turned and witnessed a procession of seniors,all equipped with large thin tube like floatation devices,others with bright yellow floatation belts barely fitting around thier large waistbands.
i took a moment to study the faces of the ones ready to enter the water.trepidation turning to fear,turning to terror in the moment each let go of the boats ladder and ungracefully belly flopped into the pacific ocean.this was then followed by agonizing seconds of uncoordinated flopping,adjusting floatation devices,re-adjusting masks,and learning to breath with a snorkle.this comedy repeated itself with each new senior,then moved on to the honeymooners,with one man insisting on a life jacket and boogie board while his new bride pulled him along like a tugboat.
my son,oblivious to them,broke my hypnosis by pointing out a discarded tire... forget the sea turtles and reef fish, a tire in the ocean?now thats worth noticing......

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