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6/27/2006 9:47 am

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I have been trying to meet new people and trying to make new friends. The issue is that they are obviously not as interested in doing so as I. There are several reasons I say this and again they have been proven over and over:

- calling, making plans, then not showing up
- telling me they will call to arrange plans but don't
- do not attempt to write a short email back to me after I have taken the time to write them
- not even making the effort to write back, or return a phone call
- everything is going great, until suddenly they decide to cut things off for no reason
-saying I'm not their type or making some other excuse as to not meet me for fun and good times - isn't that the purpose of this site?

..and so on and so on. I am uncertain as to why this happens to me now, this present time in my life. I have always been outgoing, and friendly in my nature. Aquaintences never turning into more, and no relationships with women at all...of any kind.

I have been through the blind dates, the speed dating, the singles "mixers", the Internet (for all of its' usefullness). I have created long and worthy profiles of who I am and what I'm looking for whether that be friends or something more - both to no avail, or resulting in one of the items listed above.

I HATE being alone, and though I have a place rent free, it is not enough to quell the deep despair I feel each day I sink deeper and deeper into the shadows of lonliness and darkness.

So that's it. No more answering phone calls that will only prove to be disappointments, no more of this attempt at a social life, when people are all fake, there is no serious people out there who actually give a shit one way or the other about me.

It is quite alarming that our society has fallen off the path of the assumption that people are inherently good people, and everyone sticks
to their own. In the case of mother's with children, it is especially so for the sake of the child, one doesn't want to confuse the kid, or some have serious safety issues which, by all rights might be well intentioned - most use it as an excuse to stay distant.

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