rm_eayrider 67M
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6/6/2006 9:23 am

The six month, sixth day in the year 2006.
Many in this world thought today was the day it all ends..

Nope!. However, I am sure they will find another day cause and follower who proclaims to all the new end date for the world.

I prefer to belive life goes on in a crazy world.
We must take each day and enjoy it. It matters not if the day is sunny, rainy, cloudy. The winds blow, the earth shakes and people do die. Men and women will always do crazy things and yes kill each other for sometimes stupid or no reason.

I wish all a good day, a long and healthy life.

June 6th is also the day that the Allied Powers in world war 2 invaded Europe. Many died in the pursuit of freedom for others. The deaths were brutal, ugly, and sometimes lonely, painful. pause and take a moment today to remember those sons, daughters, fathers and mothers who died or lost loved ones.

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