The Hunt!  

rm_eayrider 67M
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4/30/2006 5:11 am
The Hunt!


It's early Sunday morning and time for another post.

I finished watchin the Calgary Flames win over the Ducks. Good game. I was channel surfing after and paused on the life channel. They talked about women reaching middle age and menopause. Damn, life can be cruel to those women who experience the worst effects of menopause. The up side was she stated" that many of the worst effects can be controlled." Additionally, "that control allows a woman to experience fully the joy of middle age, a sexual awakening or reenergization."

The term "Cougar" was discussed. It's Canadian in origin. It applies to a middle aged women who enjoys sex. She may desire younger men or not!

Hey, my cougar, I know you are out there. I look forward to our meeting. We both enjoy sex. Intelligent conversation and quiet moments both have places in our lives. Fitness is important.
A good meal is great, somedays I cook somedays you cook, occasionally it's a Restaurant.

I will look at other women. This occurs simply because I find them beautiful. I hope you do also and are bisexual. However if not and we are in a relationship. I will not touch without us both discussing and agreeing. If monogamy is important to you I can live with that but only if you are sexually active and expressive. I enjoy sex and want to retain an active sex life with my partner.

I am looking and hoping that you and I find each other.

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