Needs, wants, Desire,  

rm_eayrider 67M
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6/30/2006 12:09 pm
Needs, wants, Desire,

I need to find a female sexual friend or as most say here a friend with benefits.

So why the hell aren't I out there doing so?
The answer is much like life itself "complicated!"
Suffice to say it's taking longer to recover from an injury than I thought. Aditionally, my kids keep making plans for me in their life without consulting me. i.e. i plan campout they plan on having poor lonely dad over. Yes I know the word no! However my kids have an importance to me that's hard to describe complicated by my first marriage.

Next, I so need to find an intelligent women with a love of life and some similar values. Marriage, nope not happening no way. Right now, any relationship must be no strings attached! However we both must find each other interesting, sexually compatible, physically attracted to each other.

My wants are fairly simple and straight forward. Sexual fun meeting both our needs on a regular basis.

Desire! Desire key for us both. She need not be a perfect ten however average,athletic or a few pounds overweight is ok. I desire a submissive and passionate woman who will enjoy being taken while dressed or undressed, while tied and controlled or just thrown across the table or a bed. Lol, who doesn't? She can bisexual or straight, my preference is bi.

For her: I am st8 male with a dom tendency. I stand 6ft 2in weigh about 215 and slowly losing weight my goal is 195. I am a non smoker who will have a social drink but rarely gets loaded. I prefer to enjoy the taste of life and remember what happened the next day.
My looks well, I am not a male model or hollywood star. I am certainly not a 10 with chiseled biceps and six pack abs. I am a reasonably good looking guy who has never broken a mirror when looking in it. I am recovering from an accident, losing some excess weight, and will work on the abs part.

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