A morning thought!  

rm_eayrider 67M
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5/26/2006 3:18 am
A morning thought!

It's another of those up late not sleeping mornings. The mind is active.

I am thinking about travel, how people interact with each other in public places, money, taxes for some reason. Anyway the point is i am just awake with lots of random stuff floating around in the old brain box.

Yeah, she intrudes also. She that mysterious women Sensual,intelligent, the one who loves sex as much as i do. The eyes which draw you, the face classic, cute belonging to the girl next door and the secret lover. The clothes seem to hug the body accenting the shape of a women who has mothered children but is still shapely, pleasing. The cut of the dress only accents your legs, the jeans fit well, accenting the women you are showing a butt firm, pleasing. Your breasts are accented by a top chosen to show the shape of two breasts with nipples that a cool breeze has caused to tingle and become firm displaying a slight point noticed only by a careful observer. I smile. You aren't a ten but this isn't Hollywood land of the plastic surgeon.

You are what you are, a women physically fit, reasonably endowed with a nice ass, good legs, who turns heads and has chosen to walk with and beside me in life and lust.

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