never a dull moment!!!  

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10/10/2005 9:21 am

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never a dull moment!!!

ahhhhhhhhhh man!!! u don't know how much this grates!!! the chocolate boy wonder could have possibly, might uh, may have, sorta kinda, well... oh alright,sh--,d@#%!!!

for the first time in 2 years i got what i usually dish out. a woman put it on me so bad, she took my legs out from under me(when i went to the bathroom my legs felt like noodles). i probably have'nt climaxed that long in about3-4 years and this one might have been a little harder. did i mention that she 's the dean of the university of dick sucking?

well saturday nite at 1am or so, i met with letstalk215.good gravy, somebody could have warned a brother...damn that, somebody shoulda warned a brother(smile)!!!

yes she came at least 6 times. yes i did find her spot and yes i hit it and hit it and hit it again while somebody's neighbors got an earful(she will let u kno when u r on it baby[lol])!!!

at the end of the day though, the bottom line is she was out cold and i was (i can't believe it) spent. so i took a nap on her belly and when we woke up, we were laughing and giggling.

i hate to admit it but i must because i am a firm believer in giving people their due because i want mine.

that said...nuff props to letstalk215 cause she zapped me so hard i woke up late sunday morning...very late(lol)!!!

yes i am giddy about this on the inside but i am grumpy on the outside(just playin) cause i got a reputation to uphold here ya know(lol).

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