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4/12/2005 6:18 am

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Sad clown Bad Dub

I have no idea why i am creating this. I think maybe it's just so i have a little place where i can ramble on about nothing in particular and see if anyone actually reads it.
If you're after hot sex fantasies then i'm afraid you're in the wrong place, try finding yourself a literotica site. or be more creative and write your own.
Now theres a good idea, i may have to write a pornographic novel, but leave blanks where the dirty words are: Shamelesly he dropped his ______ revealing his ______ing _______. She smiled coyly and _______ her ________ etc.

I asked Jesus how much he loved me and with his arms outstretched he said "This much".
Then some bastard nailed him to a cross!


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