dripping wet  

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7/12/2005 6:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

dripping wet

When my sex life is lean, I often day dream of a lover I've created in
my mind. We are both completely uninhibited. Her body knows my body and
she tells me how hot and wet my pussy is. I have always had a fantasy
of feeling a womans tounge all over my body. I often role play this
scenario at night when I'm alone pleasuring myself.
My lover and I are at a bar, flirting and giving each other knowing
glances and thinking about our bodies melting into one.
We then leave the bar together and find the nearest motel. I am so hot
just thinking about whats about to happen. Once inside the room you can
feel the sexual tension in the air....neither of us being able to wait
for the others touch. We start off with a couple of drinks to loosen up
the mood.....I then ask her if I may kiss her. At that point she moves
closer and our lips softly touch. I'm surprised at how good it feels,
we kiss softly as our hands begin to explore one another. you slide your
hands over my stomach and then back up again....under my shirt as you
begin to caress my breast. Our shirts both come off and then bras, I
take each one of your breast in my mouth, and start to stroke them with my
warm tounge. I can feel your nipples harden with each lick. Your hand
continues its way down as you first begin by stroking my inner
thigh....slowly you move further south until you are stroking my hot, wet
pussy....I moan with pleasure and just as I am about to climax you stop. I
lean over and pull a bottle of oil from the bag on the floor......we
begin to massage one anothers bodies with the oil. Just as I'm
completely relaxed you start sending a love trail of kisses, licking, and
sucking all the way down to my sweet womanhood. I can smell your juices and
mine.....I'm aching to know what you taste like. You slowly spread my
legs and your tounge gently begins caressing my wet pussy slowly as if
you were teasing me....then you slide it in deeper and your tounge is
now almost fucking me.......I moan with pleasure as I climax while you
suck up all my juices. You then begin to move upwards once more kissing
ever inch of my body all the while I am caressing yours. Our lips
suddenly touch and I can taste myself with each and every stroke of your
tounge as I gently begin rubbing your clit with my finger as we continue to
kiss. I inch my way down to your breast and slowly ....you legs spread and I start first by kissing your ass and slowly I flick your
hole with the tip of my tounge as I gently spread your lips with my
fingers and finally my tounge licks and sucks your pussy for several
minutes and you cum in my mouth......ooooohhhhhhh you taste so good. At
this point you pull my body up on top of yours with my pussy hanging above
your face.....I can feel each breath.....you then pull my bottom down
closer to your face......I know what you want, we then start eating
each other at once. The sensations is wonderful, I have never felt
anything like it.....suddenly we both climax together. I roll off and lay
next to you on the bed all the while thinking that it can't be over
yet.......theres so much more we need to do before we go home.

bluesweetladyj 57F

7/20/2005 11:56 pm

hi, is this all day dreaming or have you ever really been with another woman. I am new to all of this and looking for a woman to teach me how to be with another woman.

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7/21/2005 7:33 am

I have not been with a woman yet.....this is how my fantasy is when I think about it. I have been talking with a woman and we are setting something up to get together. But I will keep everyone informed.....look for a new post cuming by next week

shockolatecandy 55F
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7/22/2005 6:42 pm

Your fantasy almost mirrors the one that I have of my own. Have you been inside my head lately??? I couldn't have told my own fantasy any better than you did. I can't wait for the posting. Hurry and cum soon...

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