Sex in odd places.  

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8/1/2005 5:34 pm

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Sex in odd places.

This I will try to update every so often. But for starters i will tell you the best place i have ever had sex. If you could imagine a building that is three stories high and over looks an entire campus. This building also has a flat roof and a cross on top. If you geussed the campus church you got it correct. My sophomore year in school i took my girlfirend at the time up on top the church, it was about 2 int eh morning, in mid march (but warm), and everyone was coming back from the bars. We were up there watching people while fooling around, strictly on top the clothes. I told her we should stand up there naked so that everyone could see us but not know who we were. She did not like the idea so i stood there myself naked and waved my dick at all the horny people coming back from the bars. after a bit she realized that noone knew who i was just what i was doing so so she took her top off. THIS WAS THE INVITE I NEEDED. I grabbed and pulled her pants off her body and thew her on the ground. i fucked the shit out of her while her hair dangled over the ledge and i watch more people walk home. By the end of it all we had a small group of people standing three stories down watching her hair bounce and my head apear and disapear. Granted looking back it was the sounds coming out of her and i that really brought the crowd.

Well there you have it the top of the list. The only get more boring from here.

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