goodbye, cruel world.......  

rm_dubknight 39M
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6/7/2006 4:39 pm
goodbye, cruel world.......

so this is my forth, and most likely, final blog. my account is set to expire, along with my hopes and dreams of finding that special someone....not really. so i have learned i need a picture to get a response and a better profile, perhaps i will return with a new handle and improved profile...til then, keep it safe, and keep it kinky, a bed is for sleeping....there are plenty of better places to long all you lovely, sexy, and beautiful people. die young and save yourself.


the time has come for colds, and overcoats.
im quiet on the ride, just waiting to get home.
another week away, my greatest fear
i need the smell of summer, i need its noises in my ear.
if looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring.
no, we do this 'cause we care, not for the thrill.
collect calls to home, tell them everyone who lives will someday die and die alone.

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