Stuck between Heaven and Hell  

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3/3/2006 10:37 pm

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Stuck between Heaven and Hell

My first day off in over a week, it's Friday night, and I'm posting on the net. Wow. Oh well, it could be worse. Anyhoo, my first Blog so a little about myself seems in order. I like music, lately my Ipod has been my best friend, most music is good, anything but or country. Especially like Industrial, Tehcno, Metal, or any combination of the above. Yeah that's about it. I don't do much beyond work, Hang out with a few choice friends, and smoke. I really like to smoke. I know I should quit but it's just so much fun.

And with that out of the way on to the next topic: What I did today. Woke up at 10am and went to see a shrink. Yeah he was full of shit, oh well. I think I can deal with my own problems with out a "doctor" giving me another chemical to become dependent on. Schedualed another appointment that I have no intention of going to, and went home. 12pm Proceeded to wake up the new roommate with some really loud music (That's always good for a laugh) and forcred him to help move some of the heavery shit around the house. 5pm roommate goes to work, leaving me to move all the books, bookshelves, and both computers into the Living room. 11pm went to work for half an hour just to make sure everyone's doing what needs to be done.(No, I'm not going to say what my job is, yet, or how much I get paid for doing it)They were.12:30am Blogging while I wait for the roomy so we can get started on that case in the fridge(okay I admit I already started without him, but I'm fine with that). Well then, maybe I do this again, Maybe I won't

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