The Mirror  

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2/24/2006 8:58 pm

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The Mirror

My lover stands behind me, as he whispers in my ear. "I want you to see yourself as I see you"

I lift my head and stare into the full-length mirror. A stranger stares back at me. My hair is wild, shiny and dark. My eyes are sparkling. I can see the imperfections on my face and body. My mouth is wide and generous. My skin isn't flawless.

My lover sees the look on my face and tells me that is not what he sees, so clear and clean my mind of those thoughts. He say's I have a mature woman's body. What a sweet man!

As close as he and I are, I can feel his sexual excitement. The need for him to me like this in front of the mirror arouses him.

I start to undress for him. First, my top, my full breasts are incased in a black bra.

This is so odd to be looking at myself.........

He is becoming violently aroused. I can feel the thick length of his cock pressing into my butt.

Next, I take off my bra, my palms brushing my nipples. My breasts do not stick out but they hold up, soft and tempting. His hands come up under mine and press my hands to my aching breasts.....

He tells me to feel how soft I am. Feel what he feel when he touch me. My hands curve around my soft breasts, his hands holding my fingers in place. It is the most erotic thing i've ever done.

He then instructs me to keep my eyes on my reflection in the mirror, his hands gently began to knead my breasts, using my fingers. His thumb tease and stroke my nipples into hard peaks of desire. I can't even control the moans that escape from my throat.

I watch as he pushes my jeans slowly down my legs, then my panties. I look at the curve of my hips, has his hands carress my butt. His every touch sends waves of desire through my body making me squirm with desire.

I continue to watch his hands move over my thighs, stroking closer to my triangle of lust. My muscles clench and my knees go weak as his fingers find my swollen clit.

I am lost, a slave for his touch, begging for him to take me to completion......

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