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2/7/2006 5:33 pm

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My lover's lips move over my neck, as his teeth scrap over it in slow sensual motions. His tongue lick my skin tasting it, his tongue is moist and rough. I lean my head back, exposing the curve as my skin tingle from his kisses.

The sensation is unbelievable. Like velvet, only better. Then a sharp spasm of need ripples through my pussy making me moan in arousal.

Then his tongue meets mine, the taste of my lover is intoxicating. I suck his tongue deeper, caressing him, enjoying the taste of him. He is hot and spicy. His tastes is all male, elusive.

So hot and sweet.

I want to taste him all night, so desperate for his essence.

I want to bury my mouth in his lap. To lick his cock and suck his creme and stroke his cock with my tongue until he floods my mouth with more.

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