Just the other night...............  

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4/13/2006 12:37 pm

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Just the other night...............

This story was written by him.....

I'm supposed to come over one night. Things don't go well for me and I am
running way late. You tell me you'll leave the door unlocked for me, and go
to bed. You masturbate while reading Penthouse Forum and imagine it is you
and I in the story. After bringing your self to several intense orgasms,
you drift off to sleep. You sleep for an hour or so and then are suddenly
awakened by someone next to you. At first a rush of terror hits you.
You're frightened and my hand covers your mouth to muffle a scream. As you
regain your wits, you see its me, your fear subsides. I uncover your
mouth and you begin to speak. I tell you not to talk and just do as I say. I tell you to lie in the middle of the bed on your stomach.
You are hesitant, so I help roll you over. I grab one wrist and use a silk
rope to tie it to one bed post. You try to keep me from grabbing your other
wrist, but I grab it and tie it to the opposite bed post. I grab two
pillows and place them under your belly to get your ass in the air. There
you lay in your bra and panties with your arms stretched and bound and your
ass sticking in the air. I blindfold you for added excitement. You try to
speak again and I direct you not to. I tell you to just follow instructions
and everything will be okay. I then strip down to my underwear so you can feel
your skin on my skin. I rub my hard-on through my underwear on your ass to
show you how excited I am. I can see your panties starting to glisten as
you become very wet from the excitement building in you. You start to squirm your beautiful ass hoping I will stick something in your pussy. I smack your ass and tell you to be a good girl. You again try to say something and I smack your ass hard and tell you to be quiet, I'm in charge.
I grab our new whip and start to tickle your thighs with the feather end.
First inside, then on your back and ass. I tickle your soaked pussy through your panties. Just for fun, I strike your ass cheeks with a few hard strokes. You moan as you hear the smack of the whip and feel the sting.
I grab your vibrator and start to circle your clit and tease it a bit. This goes on
for what seems like forever, and then you let loose with a tremendous shivering orgasm. You beg me to let you go so you can fuck me, but I won't release you.
Still on your belly, I slowly pull your panties off. I start licking, first your ass, then your inner thighs. I tease you as you try to shove your slit to my mouth. Finally I spread your legs and I shove my tongue in your dripping pussy. You gasp with pleasure, and immediately start humping my tongue. I work up and down your slit as my chin tickles your clit. The taste of your juices excites me more, so I probe you with my finger and then let you lick your juices off. As my hard-on rubs your back and ass, you beg me to fuck you. I drop back down for a few more licks, and suck on your throbbing clit. You shake with a huge orgasm as I suck on your clit for what seems an eternity. Your moaning gets louder and louder! Finally I can't stand it. I want to drive my blazing dick into that drenched pussy of yours. I remove my underwear and approach you from behind. I take the slippery head of my dick and start rubbing it on your ass and pussy lips. I slide it back and forth across your pussy lips as you moan and press against me harder. I slip the tip in and you try to thrust toward me to drive it in you, but I pull back to keep
from penetrating you. I loosen one restraint so your right hand is free.
You begin to feverishly massage your clit with your free hand while you lay
on your belly. I slip one finger in your pussy, then two. I reach as far
as I can to reach your G spot as you thrust your pussy against my hand and
continue to rub your own clit. You tell me you are aching, and have to have
my dick now. You're desperate to get fucked hard. Your pussy is on fire as
I slide the tip of my dick in your pussy. I go in and out slowly with just
the tip. I know you are about to burst with pleasure after teasing you
forever. I bury my shaft as deep as I can and you cry out in pleasure. As
I pound you faster and faster, a tremendous orgasm starts to grow. We
go on forever. Me slamming your pussy as you bounce on the pillows and finger your clit. I can't hold it anymore and let you know I am coming. I
continue to pump harder as we both start to peak. I bite your shoulders and
back. I pinch your nipples. Finally I explode in your pussy. The warm
sensation of my come launches you into a lengthy orgasm. You finally pull
away as the sensation becomes too intense. I lay next to you and free your
other hand and remove your blindfold. Pulling you to me, I kiss your mouth
deeply and run my hands up and down your body. You lay your head on my chest as we gently kiss, nibble, and touch. Bodies intertwined, we drift off to

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4/13/2006 2:18 pm

Welcome to the blogs! And WOW!

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4/17/2006 11:50 am

mmmm i love that story! Can't wait to live that one out again! Now to find another couple to share this fun story with. Check out my blog too! I love your stories... keep writing! Sassy

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