Chance Encounter  

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Chance Encounter

I got the idea for this story about 11 o clock last night. I wanted to get to a computer and write it before my muse left me, but it would have been hard to explain to my wife why I was working on the computer instead of sleeping. I lay awake until about one, writing it in my head. This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. Lots of ideas and inspiration up there, but never got them down on paper before.

Dave scanned the bar looking for tonight’s “conquest”. If tonight’s crowd was anything like last night’s, he wouldn’t be disappointed. There was a pair of lookers over in the corner dressed alike and looking like they were in need of some attention. After studying his quarry for a while he began to realize that they were not looking for much more than some freaking on the dance floor before they went home and pulled out their toys and went to town on each other. Dave thought “Who needs em?”, plenty of other ladies here to satisfy his needs.
He had no misconceptions that he was the greatest looking guy there. At the age of 23, he did however have three things that made him irresistible in the world of one night stands. Time well spent in the gym had given him a cut physique that women melted over. He had charm and charisma to lend, a confidence that he used to spread the legs of even the most die-hard co-ed. At lastly he had Draakar. He had yet to meet a woman who was not captured and captivated by how good he smelled. He could tell that the brunette with the bottle of Killians that walked past caught a whiff because she threw him a “come get it” smile. Dave thought “well, we are off to a good start” At a half hour to midnight, it was still too early to settle on her though; you never knew what the witching hour might bring. Dave was in his eyes, a coinsurer. He knew what he wanted in a woman, drove a BMW and drank only single malt scotch. Women were never a problem; he paid for his beemer monthly and had full access to the bar thanks to an occasional late night tryst with the neglected female owner of this establishment.
He was about to make his move on Ms Killians when he saw a redhead bump into a crowd of people as she walked toward the exit. He didn’t get a look at her face, but her ass looked good from here and the fishnets definitely got his attention. Moving toward the door, he thought “too much good times already”, an easy mark in his book. “College girls- can’t handle their liquor.” Tipsy girls were so easy to talk out of their clothes. Picking up the pace, he saw her turn the corner and walk downed the dark alley between the bar and a vintage clothes shop. He wondered why she would choose to park here when there was lighted parking just a few steps the other way.
He caught up to her just as she fished her keys out of the purse she had strung across her chest. Putting his hand on her shoulder, about to reassure her that he wasn’t a weirdo, that he just wanted to make sure that she got to her car ok. Before he could open his mouth, just as his hand lighted on her shoulder, she said “You want me, don’t you?”
Stunned by her boldness, unable to speak, he heard her almost whisper “Well do you”?
As she slowly turned around, he gazed into a face that seemed to have been captured by some obscure Renaissance painter. He stammered out “Uh hi, I’m Dave and I uh, wondered…” “Wondered what? Wondered what it would be like to pin me down and slake your hunger on me? Hmmm?
With a quick motion she hopped up on the hood of the car and spread her legs before Dave’s amazed eyes. Her fishnets were thigh highs and she was naked beneath her skirt. He stared at the glistening dampness of her exposed pussy, now willingly offered to him.
He was startled out of his reverie by her command “get on it, lick me until I come.” He knelt before her and spread her labia exposing the hood of her waiting clit. He took a tentative lick and slid the index finger of his left hand into her pink wetness. He felt a strong dilation of her pussy muscles around his digit and a small moan escaped her lips. “Not your fingers, I want you to use your tongue, drink my juices” Dave withdrew his hand and pushed his face farther into her groin, greedily lapping the wetness now flowing freely. He never much like giving oral, but this time it was different. Her juices were like honey in his throat, her chest rising and falling in time with his. He could feel her orgasm welling within her and hungrily redoubled his efforts. He could feel his own passion rising, his cock restrained within his pants pressing against the fabric of his jeans anxious to be released. He could feel the pulse within his member, straining, almost painful in it’s desire for satisfaction. Her grabbed her ass tightly and plunged his face in further as she began bucking and straining beneath his probing tongue and lips, her own orgasm beginning as he slithered his tongue into her drenched opening and then back out playing over the surface of her clit. He felt the spasming of her love muscles as her back arched and a gasp of ecstasy shattered the night.
He put her hands to the side of his head, pushed him away and said “Now I want you in me, your cock has waited patiently enough; it is time to let him out.” She slid back down off the car and with one quick motion undid his fly and pulled out his anxious prick. Running a fingernail along the underside, she licked the drops of pre-come from the tip. Dave thought that he would go out of his mind as his knees buckled and he caught the edge of the car.
She stood up and stepping around him. Placing both hands on the hood of the car, she stood on tiptoes, lifting her ass and honey hole up toward him. She reached back and pulled the hem of her skirt toward her back, whispering; “now you can have me.”
Stopping to remove his pants, amazed at the beauty of her nether portions presented to him, Dave was drunk with lust and his head spun with the diversion of blood from one head to the other. Positioning himself behind her he began to slowly insert himself into her. Her womanhood was longing for a swift and speedy entry and pulled him in deeper and faster than he would have thought possible. The anticipation for release was killing him and he began to pump into her furiously, grunting like some caged animal denied its freedom. He wasn’t sure if he lasted two minutes or two hours, time had become meaningless. The only thing in existence at that time was his desire and the incredible woman he was coupling with.
He felt his orgasm building within his belly, trying to hold it back, but powerless against the sensation of flesh on flesh. With two powerful thrusts, he could feel the muscles of his groin involuntarily contracting as the thick fluid built up within him began to flow out like a torrent breaking through a dam. He tried to pull out, but the basic part of his brain wouldn’t let him as he released wave after wave of what felt like liquid fire into her.
He collapsed to the ground behind her, still reeling from what had been the fuck of his life. He felt like every muscle of his body had been ground to putty and collapsed to his side, gripping his member in his hand as the last few drops of semen flowed out. He had never felt this used up after sex, unable to move unable to think.
The object of his lust disengaged herself from the car and bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek adding a quick “thank you”.Struggling to get his bearings, Dave sat up and said “wait, that was incredible, when can we hook up again”?
Looking back over her shoulder she smiled and said “Dave, I don’t think that you can afford another night with me. You see, women of my blood are timeless, but eternity does come at a price. It is not a cost that I pay however. I gave you something of me and you will remember it until you breathe your last. That day is closer now than it was an hour ago, you see. I gave, but I also took from you my sweet. Welcome to middle age Dave.
Dave felt fluid leaving his body for the second time in ten minutes as single malt scotch spilled over the dark alleyway. Dave looked up through foggy eyes as his nights conquest walked from view, a faint smell of sulphur overpowering his Draakar .

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Oh my is it hot in here? that was very good...

kind thoughts,

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