Road Trip or two  

rm_douglhers 42M
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8/23/2006 12:12 am
Road Trip or two

well over the weekend i took a short trip to Mass to run some errands, wow it took it out of me. Luckily i had a very good friend along for the ride though during the trip iI had to wonder about his happiness.

You see just over a year ago his mother passed away at the hands of a surgeon and some defective instruments during surgery. Well all of his family lives down there so we visited his family and his mothers resting place, it all went well but when we returned home to Maine he seemed a bit down. This is not unusual i suspect, as my Dad passed a few years ago and i struggle with it every day.

Previously his GF of 15 years cheated on him and has since gone off on him, he tried to stay but at no avail so i know thats a big one for him.

After all of this he began to drink a bit causing the loss of his license, loss of job and a deep depression, here is where i come in. I have since stayed with him and been his show fer, well it has been taxing at least. I haven't been on time for work since for one thing, plus i find his depression to be bringing me down.

My question for you is what the hell do i do i really care for him and wish people had been there for me in the past but frankly this is beginning to feel like a failed marriage or something, lol...

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