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7/17/2006 6:47 pm

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There is alot to be said about fear! It can make you strong even when you think you are week...It lets you know that you are human and can feel all of lifes ups and downs...It lets you know you are alive...It tells you to keep going and not to give up...But the most important thing about fear is that it makes you ask your self why....why be afraid????

My bigest Fear is not getting over her.....

eveready06 43M

7/18/2006 10:21 am

I think fear basically boils down to two things, Mortality and Regret and lets face it theres fuck all we can do about mortality so theres no use being in fear of that so that just leaves you with regret. Whatever happens in your life theres always going to be regrets as nothing ever works out exactly the way you hoped but what you can do is make the best of every situation you find yourself in. Besiddes you may regret something now but who's to say if things went the way you originally intended that it wouldn't be the same or worse??

rm_douglhers replies on 7/18/2006 6:48 pm:
Id have to say i agree....As always....Nothing to fear but fear itself...lol

drkwaterz 37F

7/18/2006 12:57 pm

I agree with you everready! Very well done.

rm_douglhers replies on 7/18/2006 6:49 pm:
Hey no flifting with my friends,lol

eveready06 43M

7/18/2006 1:41 pm

    Quoting drkwaterz:
    I agree with you everready! Very well done.

drkwaterz 37F

7/31/2006 9:00 pm


rm_douglhers replies on 8/2/2006 3:37 pm:

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