without an external view  

rm_doublewood12 46M
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7/10/2006 10:44 pm
without an external view

i looked out, saw a tad bit of the world through ash tinted glasses. i knew and understood what i was looking at, but it didn't seem to sink through to the deeper layers. seemed almost like a show on tv that has been on for some time, has a specific plot and story that is continuous, but you have only seen the last fifteen minutes of the twelveth episode. hunh?

mahler, symphony number four on the stereo. i feel like writing, talking or listening. i'm tired but not ready for sleep... the writing seems difficult, fingers moving too slowly,, making too many mistakes.

last week, i met a girl. an attractive, divorced mother of one. we hit it off immediatly. not sure why, dont care why. talked for hours about a great many things. had a great many of things in common, interests, hobbies, hell, even our jobs. it was amazing to meet someone like that, out of nowhere. a fluke. later on, she asked me to kiss her, i did... again and again. we did just about everything you could do without removing clothes in a back corner of a local martini bar. neither of us cared. it's been a while since i've done something like that. it felt great. we made tentative plans to see each other again. exchanged numbers. you know, normal things normal people do in normal situations like this. two calls and six days later, no answer... no resonse... nothing.
seems a bit abnormal to me. crap... it was fun and exciting, though.

well, on to the next sip of scotch, next drag, next day, next...who cares what as long as it puts a smile on my mug.

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