Sex that leaves marks on your body.  

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Sex that leaves marks on your body.

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So yesterday a wman from AdultFriendFinder and I hooked up for some really good sex. Anyone looking through my blog can probably guess that, and probably can guess which member it was also.

Anyways, It was a weird experience since both of us were meeting solely for sex. Not getting together to meet over coffee. Not meeting in public. Just her coming over to my house and us fucking.

Well, let me tell you something. She's no Jessica Alba, but I'm not Brad Pitt. However, we did spend about 4 hours straight laying in my bed naked. We had sex 4 times and fooled around pretty much the whole time we weren't actually banging. She had nice body so it wasn't hard for me to get... uh... hard... multiple times.

It was a bit odd and mildly uncomfortable at first. How do you go from meeting someone at your front door to fucking them? Well, in my case I offered her a drink (she declined) and showed her around my house. Including where the exits were if she felt any need to leave. Then I just said "Lets go into the bedroom." We chatted for a few minutes and then like a nervous highschool boy I quite lamely said "So, wanna make out?"

To my great releif she said yes, and we got onto the bed and began fooling around. Once I got her naked (except for her socks which she never took off) I kept her that way for the next few hours.

During our sexual escapades, we were often biting, clawing and pulling each others hair. It was quite rampant, vigorous sex to be fank. All in all, it was fantastic.

However after she left, I took a look at the "battle scars" of the day. My shoulders and upper back had many many red furrows. Ditto that for my hands and forearms. I had several bite marks on my shoulders, pecs, and neck, some of which have turned into dark blue hickies now looking at them the day after. I'm sore, both in my lower back and a little bit in the nether regions from such vigirous sex. Oh, and finally I have a bruise on my one cheek... NO CLUE how that happened.

But honestly, I couldn't be happier about all of it.

So, tell me... Do you pick up any interesting battle scars from sex? Have you lately? Discuss.

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