Exes, they never call till you are over them.  

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7/28/2006 6:41 pm

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Exes, they never call till you are over them.

I pray that if you are reading this, you've seen the movie swingers. If not, you should make it a life priority to see it.

However, if you haven't, there is a great scene in the begining where Jon Faverau and Ron Livingston are chatting in a cafe. Jon's character is bemoaning his heartache over his ex girlfriend and how she has moved on and he can't. How she won't call or return his calls. Ron's character remarks that they (exes) never call you untill you've gotten over them.

I don't know how this is so true, but it is. Today I received a phonecall from an ex I had been with for 3 years. It took time getting over her, painfull time, time that cost me a relationship with a very nice girl. I couldn't commit to the new girl because I was still getting over the ex.

Anyways, I feel safe to say that for over a month now I've not even thought of this ex in more than passing. I've moved on with my life.

Today she called.

I wasn't home when she did, but still, Why?


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