my missing posts  

rm_dontttstop 55M
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4/18/2006 1:41 pm
my missing posts

mood: positively flabbergasted

for over three days now
i have been able to get to my advice line questions only through linking from my profile
no-one else can get to them though

yesterday i got and e-mail saying that one had been approved
but it never moved
today i got another e-mail saying the same thing
i did find that one, 4 or 5 pages back in the same slot time slot that i posted it
not many go past the first page or two
when i start hitting posts that old with 47 responses, i figure, why bother
this area is secure

i would have rather known that they were denied
than wonder why they sit in limbo land

so they are still missing
or buried so deep
that i'm not wading in
after them

my james dean pic
with ask me across the front
i thought it was much better then what they give us
flew for a day
before they sent an e-mail
asking me to remove it
written in spanish

need a hand?

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