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4/16/2006 1:13 am


or so i was told as a two year old
now i don't ask
i observe, remember, catalog, and sort
filtering my perception through the result
then i question my perception
adulterated by my sub-conscious
there is no why for me
now it is the how
the pattern of it all
which i do not control
but watch cautiously

everything flows as it should
it will all work out
according to plan
whatever is, is right
don't worry about a thing
every little thing gonna be alright

is that faith, blind resolution
or a sense of futility
whatever the root
it is calming

why not
try this
harmful to self or others?
if not is probably okay
some call foul
but by whose rules

how many thousands of years of civilization
has tried to figure out the rules
and will continue to do so
as we evolve towards something
we might never recognize
until we are

why not
cause THEY said not to
cause THEY will snicker
or because it feels right
intuition verus intellect
or a combination of the two

i try to walk the path of least resistance
my course set by my surroundings
sometimes i am swept by winds and currents
before which i can only batten the hatches
and run before it with waves pushing my stern
it takes me where it will

in calmer climes i build an illusion of control
while the winds still control my direction
only more subtley as i spend time plotting my course and steering to where i think i want to go
wondering if the winds knew where they were bringing me and i should just let them

happy sanctioned holiday
eggs and rabbits
who would thunk
why not

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