Truth or Dare  

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6/29/2005 6:57 pm

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Truth or Dare

Well I thought I'd share one of my earliest sexual encounters and then my latest one, perhaps I'll fill in the middle bits over time.

The first was when I was in my mid teens, we had all been drinking somewhere secretley, can't remmeber where and me and two of my friends, one female, one male all decided to sleep at the males house.

We decided to play truth or dare which really wasn't that interesting, we had all of the usual sad questions like who do you fancy and how often do you masturbate. The game went on for a little while without getting very interesting. My male friend then decided he wanted to go to sleep, only me and the female carried on talking which annoyed him so he decided to sleep downstairs.

The game then began to get more interesting....

She dared me to take her top off, which I had no problem with, I removed it to find her lovely bra less tits right in front of my face, we both blushed a bit and she said that she didn't really think I would do it, and put her top back on.

I then dared her to touch my cock. She giggled a bit and said I wouldn't let her so I said, try me. She slowly took my boxer shorts off until my erection pinged forward to attention. She then said, I told you I would, to which I replied, you haven't touched it yet. She then grasped her hands around it to my delight, and began to eagerley stoke my cock, she said I know I've done the dare but I don't care anymore.

With that said she lowered her mouth and began to lick up and down my shaft for ages, I was in ecstasy as she then began to lick and kiss my balls. I couldn't believe what was happening, and she said she had never done anything more than kiss anyone before.... not that I was complaining, I stopped her for a while and took her top back off and began to masssage and flick my tongue around her nipples, this drove her wild and she soon had my cock in her mouth bollock deep. We had been lying top and tail and whether she meant it or not I still don't know but she started to really go for it and brought her leg over my head giving me a right eyeful of what was between her shorts. Lets say the shorts stayed on no longer and we were soon in the middle of an amazing 69. This being one of my first sexual experiences I don't know what I was enjoying more? This big breasted teenager sucking my cock or the fact I had my tounge deep inside her sweet smelling pussy. This went on for a while until I told her I was going to come.

She told me If I came in her mouth she would kill me so I told her to wank me off but she said she didn't know what to do, I preceded to show her what to do and after she stoked my cock up and down a few times I shot my load all over myself and her tits.

I said I never had anything to clean it up with so she said wait there a minute. She took a little lick of my cum from my stomach and seemed to enjoy it and then licked the whole lot up.

In the morning we both came down the stairs to find my friend crawled up in a duvet on the sofa, we woke him up and he moaned at us a bit for making so much noise earlier and for waking him up but then offered us a cup of tea. While he went to make it we sat down with the duvet over us and she told me how much she enjoyed last night and wished we could do it again.

I told her we could and grabbed her hand and moved it towards my cock as I undid my flies with the other hand, she wanked me off for only a few minutes until I came all over his duvet just in time for a nice cup of tea.

I don't know if he noticed it on the duvet later that day but what we didn't know was that his mother came home during the night and said to the three of us, there certainly was some strange sounds coming from your room last night. Little did she know what we were up to!!

So that concludes one of my earliest sexual encounters, look forward to the latest one if anyone wants to hear it in the latest blog.!

Random joke for you kind people once again! - Why are men like diapers? They are always on my ass and full of shit - thank goodness they're disposable!

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