Reflections Of A Swingers Party  

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3/10/2006 5:17 pm

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Reflections Of A Swingers Party


at the holiday inn in independence OH,
i was there for a party
to be thrown by members
of a sex dating site.
i wanted a little adventure
to get out of the everyday routine.
i had chatted with a few
women prior to my arrival
in the hopes of at least
making a few connections
before meeting in the real.
the moment i got there,
i felt a little relieved from
the tension brought on by heavy traffic.
i went into the hotel
and went up the desk to check in.
i found out my room wouldn't be ready
for another three hours.
that didn't matter...
a short time later, i was in the lobby
reading a book by michel foulcault
called, "the archeaology of knowledge"
to pass the time and marked off key spots
that interested my muse.
three hours later...
i got the room number of the femme organizer
and scurried off to find her room.
after locating it, the door was open
and i entered while feeling a bit nervous,
but yet that quickly passed
after i grabbed a seat
as a few of them were prepping
mardi gras bags for the two weekend nights,
while finding out i had chatted with two of them
previously in the room.
a few hours later passed...
i met others that i hadn't chatted with,
and eventually left together
to go to harry's steakhouse for dinner.
at times there were sexual innuendos
that brought on some laughs -
like as one lady said, "my fence doesn't swing that way"
in reference to not doing another woman.
later that evening...
in the lounge of the hotel,
there was a band that played rhythm and blues,
and a song called, "hotel" by the artist, "cassidy"
which made a lasting impression on my memory
even though i had a number of beers.
i didn't score, but i sure met some cool people,
and i found out i still could dance.


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