In Section H  

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In Section H

the mood isn't listed. it is humorous.


the time has come to understand
that he paid his dues to society.
lived the nine to 5 job relentlessly,
and wanted everyone to know
that his most memorable memory
while on the job,
was getting wrapped up in toilet paper
to look like a mummy,
and walking around the plant
getting all kinds of laughs,
though, one time he wore glasses with penis nose,
of which he thought was a potato,
and couldn't figure out why women
at work wanted to sit on his face.
he didn't want the usual write up,
for he thought it would be quite boring
to read while amongst others.
he wanted a day to shine,
and didn't want the usual ceremonial rites.
he wanted to be known for his antics
of surprise that might bring another laugh or two.
after all, life is like a gadget,
and he fiddled with it in the only way he knew -
that was writing poetry - it fit him good.
he simply said, "i like being in the spotlight."
he wanted you to know that
his kids went along with the plan,
because there was a time
when they played games as youngsters.
he just wanted those that had
any recollections of him,
it need not to be serious all the time.
he's glad that he is here,
it's one last final impression.
it may be in section H -
but that stands for humour,
and this is his own obit -
didn't want it any other way.


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