Bring On The Chicks  

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3/5/2006 9:45 pm

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Bring On The Chicks


obsession of the "hot one"
is a valid reason to the musician.
all of those practice sessions,
so vitally important to the ear.
every day thinking of new licks;
the kind that makes them come
in huge, huge, huge droves.

music videos are a great indicator.

the ego is built up like it should be,
after all a musician is romantically
the entertainment god.

little by little - a small following
starts to take place without much notice.

the day arrives... much is expected
from all the years of jamming out.

there - amongst the crowd -
axe now in hand for the sound check.

this moment of life - a monumental high;
the melodies hit the summer air.

way back in the crowd, is another player,
and sees an unusual pattern
occurring right before his eyes.
muse is everything these days;
this was a feature act.
femme cats so horny, definitely
started to swarm the area -
hiked skirts - up like tails - pussy it was!!

the analysis shapes up as such:
always let the instrument in the band room
become a trail of attraction
for spectacular results -
that is play - piss guitar!!


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