Love, life, and fun  

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2/24/2006 7:54 am

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Love, life, and fun

Just pictures in my mind of times we have had. I sit and think of the years we have been in our house (5 years) and go in my mind the times we have actually been able to be free in the house without worries about one person in the house being somewhere where we want time alone. We have had many over the years that have lived with us and that puts a damper on the love life. But now we are alone, just Him and i and the kids. So now its time for more stories about fun.

Lets start by watching a dvd or video clip either on the tv or computer. The computer we have has our lifestyle clips on it to watch and learn and explore the fun we can have together. So as He sits on the couch and watches, i kneel in front of Him and just rub His legs. Then i unbutton His shirt to rub His chest. He reaches down and grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me up to His mouth and says "did I tell you that you could do that yet!?!" As i beg "no Master" He bends me over His lap for punishment. He smacks each ass cheek at least 10 times to make sure i get the point that i am to ask Him what He desires from me. He pulls me back up to face Him so He can tell me what it is that He desires. "I want you to stay on your knees while I get the straps, don't move a inch" He says.
He gets up and walks away, as i kneel there He comes back in the room and grabs my hair again pulling me up to my feet spinning me around and grabbing my arms to secure them behind my back. He spins me back around, kisses me passionatly and then says "On your knees again, slave for you are to please Me by sucking My hard cock till its dry" He pushes me down back on my knees, in one hand He holds my hair in the other hand He grabs His hard cock and holds it in front of my now open mouth. He pulls back and forth on my hair so i can suck His hard cock without the use of my hands. He holds total control when He knows what He wants. He keeps up a pace that keeps me sucking and licking hard and tight. His cock flows in and out of my mouth smoothly yet firmly so He feels secure. The tip of His cock goes in and out of the back of my throat, for He loves when i deep throat. It is most pleasurable for Him. He lifts my head up with the hand that holds my hair, so He can look upon my breasts. He bends over to reach with His other hand to again smack my ass cheeks. He then sits back down on the couch and says "you are not doing as I want. Now you are going to be punished. Get up and bend over My knees NOW!" If i would have hesitated i would have been in more trouble. He regrabs more hair and raises His hand and just smacks and smacks my ass. For now i start to beg "Master what did i do so wrong? i was doing as You please and yet why and i being punished?" He pushes me back to my knees on the floor in front of Him. He says "Now suck it like its the last thing to suck!"
With still bound arms and hair being held tight i beg to Him "Please let me suck You. For You are what i want to suck. Please give me Your hard cock in my mouth." These statements please Him as He smiles down upon me, He holds tight the base of His cock as i open my mouth to take in His hardness. He starts to moan with pleasure as i take every inch into my mouth. He continues to pull my hair up and down to a pace that gets faster and harder. Under my tongue i feel Him contract and moan louder. Feeling Him pulse i know i am doing as He pleases for He grabs the back of my head and holds it there with the tip of His cock in my throat as He begins to cum in my throat. He then pulls back on my head and just bobs it there lightly as i suck every drop of cum from Him. He looks down as i lick the bottom of His shaft and staring into my eyes He says "you have done as I wished. you are still a bad girl but you are Mine. For that you will now be given pleasure by Me on one condition. That you will stay on your knees and stay bound. Will that please you, slave?" Staring back into His eyes, with love, i say "Yes, Master. i know i am a bad girl, a bad girl that does as she is told by You and for You. i will gratefully take the pleasure You seek to provide me as You see it fit. Please, Master pleasure me!"

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