Success Can Be A Picture Away.  

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6/10/2006 7:04 am

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Success Can Be A Picture Away.

Pictures may not always tell the true story as they can be manipulated via various software programs or can be plain fakes. If you spend time studying the pictures provided, it doesn't take much time to determine if their are any hidden agendas. No pictures at all may have several meanings, but the most common would be.......

...No pictures available.
...Want to be kept private.
...Fears of rejection.

Let's briefly look at each of these reasons. No pictures available should only be temporary because with the increased availability of digital cameras, one should be able to get a picture with just a little effort.

Using privacy as the reason, leaves to much for the observer to assume. Most assumptions are wrong. There are many pictures through which one obtains some knowledge of the individual, but the issue of privacy is protected. Examples are pictures limited to legs, back or profile, etc.

Fears of rejection are more common than not. Most of the time they are unconscious. People can be programed by early childhood events that they are no good and shouldn't succeed in life. They unconsciously sabotage their lives prohibiting their success.

Why would an individual after 3 unsuccessful, abusive(mentally and physically) relationships, decide to have an affair in the 4th marriage where no abuse was occurring, the relationship was described as perfect. The affair resulted in a fourth divorce. As if this wasn't enough, the fifth relationship was also abusive. It happens with either sex.

One has to recognize these patterns before they can be changed. Help is available in many forms, some as cheap as a good book at the bookstore.

If you want a better outcome from your profile, a picture is a must. The old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is definitely true. Everyone has an angle from which they are the most attractive. Find that angle and use that picture.

Let me end for today using real estate as an example. How many of you have gone shopping for a new home or rental property? Were you more likely to look at an advertisement with photographs vs those which didn't? The properties that sell the quickest distinguish themselves from the others in some manner. Aren't you more interested in a house with multiple pictures rather than just a simple outside picture? Yet one can either have a simple snapshot or an artistic, well composed picture and it makes a big, big difference.

Just imagine a clear, sharp picture of moist, red lips with the tongue partially out to the side. What message does this give?

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