Enjoy Sex!!! Get Rid of Inhibitions or Anger  

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6/11/2006 3:50 am

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Enjoy Sex!!! Get Rid of Inhibitions or Anger

Disclaimer: I am discussing medical issues but am not offering medical advice. Seek the advice of your physicians. Use medications as prescribed.

An absolutely stunning young lady was so irritated at husband over his past affair that their sexual life had essentially died. Her anger prohibited her from giving into her own personal needs just making the relationship problems worse. She was prescribed a sleeping aid which had in several cases resulted in the loss of inhibition.

The result was a night they will never forget. She put on her fancy lingerie, turned and the candle light, and "wore him out." These were her words. He was totally surprised, but didn't complain. If I do remember right, he did miss work the next day. She had slight recall of the evening but it was like a dream to her.

Another case was involving a young professional whose conservative upbringing resulted in dislike or inhibition in providing oral sex. The use of the same pill, resulted in a session in which she was shaved for the first time and you guessed it, aroused beyond previous levels by a lengthy oral sex session. Both enjoyed it, but his response in the morning was 'did that really happen?' A simple look the completely shaved pubic area was the answer.

More information wil be provided to members of my network on a case by case basis.

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Love Dr.

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