A Black Mans Love Will Only Do.  

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11/2/2005 2:01 pm

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A Black Mans Love Will Only Do.

The picture of this black mans body and equiptment is just to give you an idea of how my first black man was built. I do not know this man, although I wish I did.

I can remember when I became fascinated with blacks. I was a young boy of 8 years and I got my first real look at a black boy and his huge cock. I was at the neighborhood city swimming pool and I went into the shower area to rinse my eyes out. I heard laughing and became curious, so I investigated the laughter. I looked around the corner and I saw two black boys, one was about 8 and the other about 12, they seemed to be brothers. I had noticed what seemed to be a black baseball bat between the older boys legs. As I got a better look at it I realized that it was his dick. I got very ill, I felt very hot and my head was spinning. I got back under the shower and ran cold water over me until I felt better. The image of this black boys cock will be etched in my memory for a lifetime and be the cause of my obsession with black men.

I had dreams and fantasies of black boys or men for over ten years. I wanted to be with one ever since I was 8 years old. I had always felt that I was different, I did not like to play with girls and I felt more comfortable around boys. So I knew I was gay since I was a young boy. Now I was about 18 years old, I had my own car to drive and I wanted to find a black boy or man to be with. I wanted to suck his dick and that was all I had dreamed of for 10 years was to have his dick in my mouth. I wanted to know what it tasted like and I wanted to taste a black mans sperm. I wanted to feel it shoot out and into my mouth.

It as on a Friday night, I had money and I had a huge desire to fulfill my dreams of having sex with some black man. I drove to an area where I knew there were black people lived, it was not far from where I lived so I felt comfortable with being in this area. It was starting to get dark and I had been driving for over an hour and I was just about ready to call it a night. I would give it a try tomorrow night. I turned this corner and I noticed a black man walking on the opposite side of the road so I slowly drove towards him. He was tall and from a distance he looked to be quite handsome with a short beard. I had already picked out a place to park where no one would see my car and now I had to get this man in my car. I decided to act as if I were lost and I was looking for this street and ask for directions. I pulled up to him and our eyes met for the first time, my heart skipped a few beats and I was getting this hot feeling over my body. I finally spoke and told him that I was lost and looking for this street. While he was giving me directions, I got up the nerves and just blurted out to him, "I'll give you ten dollars if you let me suck your dick. His face went kind of blank and all I could think of is that he is going to hurt me or steal my car. When he finally spoke it was not what I had asked for but close enough for me. He was asking for 20 dollars and I said sure that was alright. He got in my car and I was getting so hot that I was starting to feel ill. I wanted to go home but I convinced myself that this is what I had dreamed of since I was a young boy. I could not turn back now and I had to have my first glance at a black man's dick and to feel it in my mouth. I drove to this secluded place in front of this trucking facility that was closed for the night. It was perfect, no one could see my car from the road. Damn, I was nervous, hot and my stomach was turning flip flops.

I slowly reached over and touched his leg, to my surprise he did not move when I touched it. He began to unzip his pants and I thought this is it, the first black dick I would ever see. I had dreamed of seeing a huge black dick like the one I had seen on that young black boy. When he had it out, I was disappointed, it was only about 3 inches long. I thought all black men had huge dicks and I had heard that some of them were as big as a foot long. Well I guess I was wrong in thinking all black dicks were big. I reached and touched it, it jerked and it seemed to grow a little longer and it seemed to keep on growing while I had my hand on it. It was about 5 inches long now. I bent down and I got ready to put it in my mouth and to my surprise it started to grow really long. Damn, it was over 8 inches now and still growing. I put my hot mouth around it and it shot up to over 11 inches, my God it was as big as I had dreamed it would be.

It was hot and it tasted so good. He must have been coming home from work and he must have sweat a little while he worked. His dick tasted salty and it was so, so good. My tongue played with its head and it swelled even more when I sucked on the head. Damn, this was so exciting, I had my first black dick in my mouth and this man was liking it. It made me more excited and I guess I tried to get too much of it into my throat and I gagged a little. He told me to take my time and take it in slowly. He asked me if I had ever sucked a black cock before. I told him that this was the first dick for me to ever suck. I told him how I had dreamed of sucking a black dick ever since I was a young boy. He asked me why it had to be a black cock I wanted to suck. I told him that a black dick is all I ever wanted to suck. He told me I was doing alright and to take my time. I put my mouth back on it and I was sucking it again. I wanted to taste every inch of this huge long black cock.

I got my body in a different position and I was able to get more of his cock into my mouth. I was getting over half of it into my mouth and I wanted it all. I could tell that he was enjoyed it, he was moving his body around and moaning. I took one deep breath and his cock disappeared down my throat. He moaned out, damn, I cant believe you took the whole thing down and no one else had ever done it before. God it felt good being all the way down my throat and he sure did enjoy it too. He was thrusting his body up a little and moaning more and more. I was taking in all of this experience of my first black cock I ever sucked. It was just as I had expected, just as I thought it would be and I was ready for it. I sucked and sucked on it, getting my lips all around it and sucking it down my throat.

It had been over 20 minutes that I had been sucking his cock. I thought he would have shot his load by now. Maybe I was doing something wrong and he did not like what I was doing. My mouth was starting to get sore, I was not used to having it open like this. Then I felt him start thrusting more, he was pushing his cock all the way down my throat and he had his hands on my head and was guiding my head while sucking his cock. He started to moan and thrust his cock up harder and moaned louder. He pushed my head down all the way on his cock as I heard one more long moan and his body was jerking, his cock was throbbing. Then I felt it grow ever thicker and at that moment I felt this hot liquid hitting the back of my throat. Damn, I could not taste it with it down my throat. He must have known that I wanted to taste it and he backed my head off his cock and he was shooting the rest of his great tasting hot liquid into my mouth.

I then noticed that my cock was throbbing and I was , was damn, I was shooting my load and I did not have to touch myself. Damn I had a good climax with his cock in my mouth. I took his cock all the way down again and I could feel it start to go flaccid. He pulled his cock out to my disliking and started to rub it over my face. He smeared some of his load onto my face and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth. He did this until his cock had gone all the way fl acid. I sucked his cock in one more time and gave it a final kiss and pulled off of him. I started to wipe my face and he stopped me and told me I cant wipe my face. I asked him why and he explained that it was a tradition for a man to wear the sperm of his first cock as a kind of trophy. He also told me I was the first man to suck his cock and that he was glad that I did it for him. He seemed to be honored that a white man sucked his cock for the first time and I told him that the honor was all mine. I drove him back to the street where I picked him up. He told me thanks and that I did a good job. He got out and walked away. I was going over my first experience with a black man and I realized that I did not even know his name. I would have loved to put a name on the first black man's cock I sucked. I thought "he probably never would have given me his real name anyway, but he did give me a great first experience in sucking my first black cock. This experience would stay with me for a year and help my get off for over hundreds of times. My first black cock was very memorable.

rm_Honeyluce 46F
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11/2/2005 6:49 pm

fantastic.. what a great 1st time memory. I enjoyed it and was just reading about your experience.

HornyBottomLA 58M
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11/6/2005 5:34 am

I love your story. I have taking more than one of those big cocks. I love one in particular that is 11 in. up my ass and takes me about 10 minutes to take it all the way in. I hope you find more big black dicks man !

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